Left of Center: By Yukkione: "I have a good feeling..."
"I have a good feeling..."
Thursday, June 15, 2006
Time : 8:33 AM

I created this image from two photos taken on the same afternoon, June 13 2006. The Day President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq. Bush upon returning home said he had a good feeling about Iraq. Also note that we have officialy surpassed 2,500 American soldier deaths today.

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You should post a warning: graphic nature!! That picture really made my stomach clench.

Sorry for the graphic nature of the pic. It actually was put through a filter to make it less detailed.

That image is wicked sick, but makes a very good point!

it just saddens me more every day.

My sense of hopelessness increases when I see such images, my sense of futility coupled with a deep anger. it does not move us as a nation because we do not see it unless we want to. there, it is on their street and in the living room. Violence seems most easily avoided in America. In AMerica, we can hide the impact of our policies, our poor, our hungry, our dying. We can even hide their caskets.

I consider how difficult it is for people to be peaceful who work at it every day- and then I wonder what hope we have of changing these violent outcomes when we cannot seem to solve the small things. This keeps me, honestly, from trying harder. A form of despair. What good does it do to be angry? My only hope is that when we speak out, it helps others speak out who disagree, and maybe in time the culture will take a less tolerant view of killing.

In between television and lives of self service.

Let Bush travel freely about Iraq. Let's see if his good feeling resonates the same then... Waht a complete imbecile.

Or better yet, What a complete imbecile.

I think we should trust Our Supreme Leader when he says he has a good feeling. He had a good feeling that Saddam had weapons of amss destruction, and we know how that turned out!

What a punch in the gut that picture is... Can any of us imagine for 1 second if that bleeding boy was your son?
May God forgive us for what we have unleashed upon the Iraqis.

And Carrie:
I would love to share a good feeling with Our Supreme Leader. The good feel of a steel toed boot upside his evil, empty head.

I did a post today that shows many pictures...I found this guy on AlterNet (can't remember his name now but) he talks about us not getting to see things like this and how we need to...I totally agree. So that is why I have put up his story and all the links to see pictures and hope others will do the same. If more Americans can get mad at what they see...they might just vote for a change that most certainly needs to happen. I personally didn't have a problem with seeing the pictures...but that is me. It did get my blood pumping though...and dems and conservatives alike need to see and hear what this guy tells about our soldiers.

"May God forgive us for what we have unleashed upon the Iraqis."

It's possible that He (or She) will. He (or She) may even go on to forgive Saddam Hussein for what he unleashed upon the Iraqis.

Did God happen to notice where Saddam got his chemical weapons, supplies, arms, fifteen million dollars worth of choppers... does God look at receipts?

I'm actually getting (shudder) used to seeing these pictures but if I hadn't been making the effort lately I would have had the stomach clench too!

Now it makes tears spring to my eyes. People do need to see these pictures. Even if it's disturbing. That child's leg was blown off in our name, whether we like it or not.

And of course we don't.

Oh and Sumo, the guy who did the Alternet article was David Swanson, head of AfterDowningStreet.org

Yes ... Saddam got his tools from Russia and France mostly, and from us, too. Naturally, he can't be held responsible for what he did with them, can he? If he had, maybe, worn his tinfoil hat, that would have protected him from the CIA mind control beams that made him arrest and kill hundreds of thousands of his own people ...

The number of "hundreds of thousands" is just an arbitrary number that people throw out to justify the overthrow of a government that isnt suiting our purposes any longer. Also, most of the pictures shown on the news of gassed kurds were actually killed by Iran during that war. The truth is an elusive thing indeed.

Well, "hundreds of thousands" isn't accurate, I admit. "The Black Book of Saddam Hussein," edited by French journalist Chris Kutschera, with a foreword by Bernard Kouchner (a founder of "Doctors Without Frontiers" and former French cabinet minister) puts the figure at over one million, upwards of two million of his own people that Saddam killed. But that's not the point I was making.

That Saddam's regime did not suit us is true; I would say his regime never suited us, and we should not have given him so much as a crate of rations. I went on record in print saying that in 1980, and was shouted down; it looks like my opinions on him are still subject to controversy. Which is fine.

My point was, and remains, that no matter where Saddam got his weapons, HE was the man responsible for how they were employed, and HE was the man who ruled Iraq for over twenty years. However many people he had killed--the exact number will surely never be known, but I think we can all agree that it was unacceptably high--HE bears responsibility, just as Bush does for whoever dies due to his actions. I do not excuse Bush for his actions, but I do not excuse Saddam for his either. With respect, I differ with the idea that truth is an elusive thing. Every third-grader knows what truth is: we are all--all--responsible for our actions. That fact usually takes nine more years of public school to expunge, and even then it doesn't always work.

Thanks for the groovin' comment on moi's politico-CULTure-art, B. Shilliday.

I got a LOT of personal experiences to draw on and draw (Well, PhotoShop, mostly) about.

As I said, you may DL and make copies of the poster (Click on it to enlarge, of course) if'in you wish.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

Yes, of course he was responsible for what he did. Just as we are.

Thank you for posting the image. It is difficult to look at, but the important thing is it is the truth. Only the Green Party has always oppossed this murderous rampage and that is a second sad truth, that both the major parties support the war on non-white people.


it does not move us as a nation because we do not see it unless we want to. The reason that people don't care is because this country is about 95 percent racist. Say little upper middle class blond haired blue eyed white children were dying everyday. Don't you think something would be done (that actually stops in the murders, as oppossed to creating more murders). Look at the reaction to 911 an event caused by greedy rich white people (and possibly carried out by them as well). Compare that to dying children in Africa whose have been cheated and finacially terrorized into having to starve to death or dying from lack of health care. Elizabeth ,I know you care and you can do something and your speaking out is important. Anger will fuel the revolution. Keep on fighting and keep on fighting hard.

Tina, your too kind. Steal toed boot to his head, I would kick him in the balls too. And when I was done kicking him I would kick the Dick in the balls, followed by the Cabinet, Senate, and Congress.

Here we go again ... 9/11 "caused by greedy rich white people." Ya gotta love it. Yeah, so they hit the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, which as we all know were just chock full of Third World diplomats and revolutionary organizers working toward empowering the exploited masses. Next I expect we'll hear that Iraq was invaded for cheap oil. That panned out real well too.

My view of war was formed as a child watching images of Vietnam on TV. No one censored those, either. I watched people being burned alive, a man shot in the head, bodies piled high at My Lai. I don't need to see it to know it now; but perhaps this generation does - those who did not grow up with images of hell burned into our brains every night at 6 PM.

Thanks for all your comments. All quite varied and passionate. I love the mix of people, that visit this blog on occasion.

I watched people being burned alive, a man shot in the head, bodies piled high at My Lai. I don't need to see it to know it now; but perhaps this generation does - those who did not grow up with images of hell burned into our brains every night at 6 PM. .

You can thank the corporate terrorist controlled media for making sure that true images of the war on dissent, non-white people, and the poor are not shown. It's there war and the truth and real images will not sell it.

LOC, it's been awhile since I've visited your pad. Glad I stopped by.

The is eerie and sad and lamentable and harsh beyond belief. What a world we are living in.

I know Anita, I missed your visits.

i guess i missed out on this season's soprano's commentary. what a drag.


speaking of drag, poor vito, right?


but next season.


Whoa - this really brings it home.

And for the record, Left, I agree with you. Truth IS elusive.

Juxtapose two different truths, as you did in that picture, and you get a whole NEW truth.

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