Left of Center: By Yukkione: Al-Zarqawi Dead
Al-Zarqawi Dead
Thursday, June 08, 2006
Time : 8:03 AM

The Al Qaeda Chief in Iraq has been reported killed near Barcuba. Two 500 lb bombs were dropped on what he considerd a safe house. Zarqawi himself is also credited with the beheading of Nick Burg. This is a developing story. It was said that US Special Forces were there when the bombs hit. My question is, then why didn't they capture him? Why didn't they jail him and put him on trial? It's also reported how gleefull the folks at the Whitehouse are. Is this the much needed shot of happiness they need to pull their abysmal ratings out of the toilet?

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Did you see the pics on tv of the little kids playing in what was left of the house? People taking blankets and things. Wouldn't you think they would secure the scene and investigate what he might have had that would be of use to them in their mighty war on "terra". There's something missing in this story. A big something.

As for capturing him, I said the same thing to Mr Pop this morning. Wouldn't he be more valuable to them if he had been taken alive. He might know where Ossama is, ya know.

the whole thing is fishy and I dont know for what purpose. I saw the picture of the dead Zawqawi, and figure he is dead, but why not capture.. the general said that this was not a spur of the moment hit.

Blogger has been a pain today, again. Now it seems to be a bit better, we'll see if it posts this comment

Well, what do you know. First comment I have been able to post since this morning.

I'm already big time tired of this story.

me too, the intersting thing though was what the father of Nick Burg said. he said it's just an edless cycle of revenge killing.

too much wicked witch, not enough of nick burg's father. thanks for posting his comment!

Yup, POP. I agree.

"There's something missing in this story. A big something."

Whats up with stupid blogger anyway.

Amy, you are funny.

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Everybody besides the far, far left is happy about this. Zarqawi was pure evil and the world is better off without him. Also, the weaker the insurgency becomes, the easier it is to begin troop reductions.

Everybody wants peace. But *how* we achieve it is what matters. Murtha was arguing that we should withdraw our troops to the perimeter, let al Zarqawi overthrow the Iraqi democracy, and then have diplomacy with him. Of course, Zarqawi would have liquidated his political opponents; these guys are the Mideast version of the Khmer Reds.

The Bush approach is SO much better. Zarqawi will never organize the destruction of Mosques, blowing up civilians, or behead a Jew ever again. That's because Bush doesn't offer terrorists therapy; he makes war upon them instead. Without central organization, it is my hope that we can mop up the rest of the Zarqawi's fascist followers, since we've already killed many of his deputies.

Too bad we still don't have Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahi and Mullah Omar. (We did manage to kill Omar's innocent wife and child with a cruise missile.) It's almost five years after 9/11 and all three men are still safe in Afghanistan.

Jason ... If you think this killing will weaken the insurgency, you have been playing with your transformers for too long. Another man will step up before the summer is over.

The only way you could ever possibly weaken the insurgency would be to turn the people of Iraq against the insurgency. Our killing of tens of thousands of inncent people has all but made that a pipe dream.

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