Left of Center: By Yukkione: Equal Protection
Equal Protection
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Time : 9:16 AM

Thanks to Sumo Merriment for finding this one. In these times of Christ sponsored hate we need perspective.

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Comments for Equal Protection
Yeah, Sumo's good.

This does simply state it, doesn't it?

I believe it does EB. These folks are just plain silly.

Sumo is the queen of the clever commentary cartoons. BTW, Ben Sargent is a local whom I've followed for many years, believe he won the Pulitzer back when.

Them: "It's only written in stone."

WELL done.

Gonzales is searching right now to see if there wasn't some sort of signing statement issued with the Constitution that allows Bush to ignore this law.

"Christ Sponsored Hate". That's a good one. All that talk about "God Is Love" and shit, that's just BS. "God is Hate", near as I can see...

Neil.........yes! Thanks LOC for noticing I did have my own agenda for the presentation. Sometimes I wish our Georgie could see what we do...I really think he'd like it. Not!


"What if Bush was one of us??? Just a slob like one of us?

Just a stranger on the bus?"

What would you ask if you had just one question?

-The Elusive Joan Osborne, adapted for my silly purposes

Great Cartoon.
  • Posted at 1:14 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Well, I'm not religious but it might not be fair to blame this shit on Christ. I think it's just a bunch of mean, greedy, selfish, ignorant assholes. But I could be wrong

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