Left of Center: By Yukkione: Al Gore on Larry King Live
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Time : 10:03 PM

I just just saw Al Gore on larry King Live... Wow. He seemed a man at ease with himself, his topic and his future. He answered many questions on the environment, the cover up by the current administration, current events and his future. He was blunt yet tactfull with all his answers. I think he's playing his cards close to the vest. I think he is waiting to see if the Hillary momentum crumbles, and weather Americans embrace his global warming message. I am starting to hope more and more that he decides to run. See the movie An Inconvenient Truth this weekend.

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Hillary has momentum? God help us all. Feingold in'08!

Well according to the right she does, because they love to bash her. Which is fine as it keeps the heat off our man Feingold! Let him raise his money and get organized while they whine about her. Feingold '08 for me too.

Hey Left, long time no hear from. I started an Anti-Bush Newsgroup feel free to join if you like! It's great for spreading the message "Impeach Bush" Also great for traffic generation.


  • Posted at 2:08 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Celtic and I saw An Inconvenient Truth the other night and we asked the same question Where the hell was THIS Al Gore before???

Definatly a film to SEE.

Unfortunatly, it isnt going to matter WHO gets into office, its still gonna be all the same shit, just different faces....

I hope you don't minds I fixed up a banner for you and hosted it. Apparently the host you selected did not allow hotlinking. If you ever want a good host I would reccomend trying photobucket. They are a pretty good image host service.
Oh and thanks for joining!
  • Posted at 1:33 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Thanks so much Casey. I didnt realize that.
lady, I'm afraid you may be right. Sadly

i still think he is a tit

A tit? perhaps, but compared to the rest over here...lol
Thanks for the laugh Michael.

I'm going to see it this weekend.

At ease with himself? I sure as hell hope so. Making a billion dollars on Wall St has a tendency to do that.

He's not really saying that in six years, the Bush presidency has ruined the global climate, seriously, is that what hes saying?

I know Bush hating is all the rage, and pin the blame on the Donkey is a favorite parlor game, but does that make any sense at all?

...and on a side note, how cute algore is now flying commercial, if he had any real convictions he'd tour the country on a bicycle.
  • Posted at 3:11 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Donkey, you Republicans are making the movie about Bush. It was Al Gore that put Energy lobbyists and wonks into key environmental positions. Prepare for irrelevancy.

Good luck off the grid. Unbelievable.
  • Posted at 5:06 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Had to check out the new addition to the Lone Gunmen links in The Aurora.

1. I'd like to see Gore get the nod to run in '08.

2. Late but sincere condolences on the passing or your mentor (well, you quote him with respect in your profile) John Kenneth Galbraith. I had the privilege of working with him for a time in Boston. You should check out the remembrance that his old adversary William F. Buckley Jr. wrote for him; though Buckley knew him better than I did, what I did know was amply confirmed.

That was very interesting podvizhnik, you seem to have had some excellent expieriences. A bit envious I am.

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