Left of Center: By Yukkione: As posted on Drudge today..........
As posted on Drudge today..........
Monday, June 12, 2006
Time : 11:47 AM

Shouldn't this be shocking? Shouldn't Congressmen and Senators be on the news? Shouldn't Wolf Blitzer's Situation room have all the red light flashing? Christ people! We have spent a trillion dollars to stop terrorists from killing a few of us, and in the meantime we kill each other. 84,563! Welcome to Death Land!

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Interesting, and tragic. Unlike a lot of "left of center" people I find you readable and intelligent even if we usually differ in our conclusions. You may remember that we found agreement on official English, and I'd like to see what you make of my recent post on what I call the "Bush/Kennedy amnesty bill."

I have, and you draw some great parallel observations.

yes, and that doesn't even count the walking wounded. And, according to the DOJ stats, murder is DOWN. YEAh for our side!!!

I would love to hear your take on amnesty as well.

I heard that today too and I will write a poem about it as soon as it all settles in. What'd they say? First increase since 2001 and the largest spike in what? Ever? Disturbing to say the least. Violence begets violence and with 9/11 and the war on terror and the unrelated war in Iraq! Hell! Falwell will say its because of fags, Robertson will blame it on communism, Rove will blame it on Clinton, Rice will blame it on France, Rummy will blame it on the intelligence, Cheney will blame it on the Middle East (at least the countries with oil), Coulter will blame it on Islam, and Bush will blame it on My Pet Goat!

Is there really any wonder that violent crime is on the rise?

Ot, but wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH!

See? It's back and it's all because of you

that is a disturbing statistic but lets face it, some people just need to be killed.


They said on NPR that the biggest increases were by far in the midwest... boredom? Corn-rage?

Podvizhnik did have an interesting post but I thought it would deal directly with the sematics of the concept of amnesty, which seems to be everything short of a 20-mill mass deportation.

Tell me on aoption other than that, Shill, that was not called amnesty by somebody? And as long as it is called amnesty, your Lou Dobbs will smirk about it.

What does Lou Dobbs say should be done with the millions here? Build his wall then catapult them over, no doubt.

I think the increase in the midwest can be attributed to two things... Joblessness, and Crystal Meth.

As to amnesty... thats a hard one.. I think that we need to change the rule about babies being born here being citizens. And pursue employers that hire illegals.

Just because it's funny. Podvizhnik, I went over to read your post and noticed that under 'previous post' blogger had cut your title until it read like this; "The Bush/Kennedy amnesty bill: an historical anal..."


I agree with you 100% on this. If we're willing to spend billions upon billions to fight killers in Iraq, we can certainly use funds to get tough on the carnage here at home.

Yes LOC - I agree. It's the unemployment/Crystal Meth connection that has exacerbated the murder rate in the Midwest. You know - I remember the meth epidemic in the mid-late 70's. The country was awash in methamphetamine. Same reason - no work, no future - no hope. Crime statistics were up then too. It's the way people cope with depression. Unfortunately - Meth isn't like pot. It doesn’t mellow - it enrages. Molehills become mountains - and then they explode. Thank you, George Bush. Do you know how many industries the current administration has farmed out to foreign entities? Everything from voting to the airline industry. Where my husband works - he has direct contact with India. Guess what? They are actively recruiting American engineers to come work over there. Evidently they have exported too damn many themselves. I wonder if their economy will tale the same hit as ours?

Doubt it, FLS. And yeah, you make good points about the work-drugs impact.

We are in agreement with Bowden? Are pigs flying around in the air?

Just wait until he actually expresses HOW we go about doing it. Then the disagreements will start up again.

joblessness, meth and a lack of Hope...and I would wager rises in all of these since 2001....thanks for posting on WHAT matters....

First ve must construct massive ghettos and detention camps. Citizens must be proccessed ino their respective groups. Teeth must be inspected to determine Meth addiction. Hair samples must be collected. Wombs must be examined. Those that are healthy enough will be allowed into the ghettos, and will be provided jobs in the Depleted Uranium Munitions factory. All others will be sent to ze camps. Crime will drop, productivity will increase. God bless Ze Homeland!

Why not just have the CIA introduce meth into the suburbs and even out the tally?

yes thank you for blogging on what matters. unlike me. I suck. I am unworthy.
  • Posted at 6:30 PM | By Anonymous Mrs Squeaky Fromme

Yeah, but don't you know that you only count in the MSM/government we give a !@#$% statistics if you are a rich white male.

Oh and don't forget all the police murders-you know the lame I didn't really mean to shoot a sick man lying in bed with a soda man murder's by the police (if your from Denver area you know what I'm talking about). About a month or two ago the pigs murdered 3 people in one week in the Denver area. It's war on all non-rich-white-male people.

Amnesty ... as far as I can tell, it's nothing but a cuss word for "path to citizenship," which, like most Americans, I support on a limited basis. I used it in the title provocatively. I have a plan in mind which should be agreeable to a lot of people, maybe even most. It's a bit too long to put in a reply here, so I'll post something over at "Catholic rabbi" on it.

to Patricia: Yes, I noticed the "anal" bit and left it in intentionally. *grin*

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