Left of Center: By Yukkione: Ann Coulter Skankstress from Hell
Ann Coulter Skankstress from Hell
Thursday, June 08, 2006
Time : 10:30 AM

So in her new book she slams widows of 9/11. How low can this nasty piece of crap go? You can see her adams apple in the video... is she really a man? I'll also note that she was on the show in 2005, and wore the same dress.

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I think there's a vat full of feces with her name on it somewhere.

and an upside down pineapple. She was on Lou Dobbs tonight too. He let her skate.

The "little black dress" is, as you know, a classic. Why, I think it was Eva Braun herself who strated this fashion statement!

what a whore

That despicable bitch has a larger adam's apple than I do!!

Upside down pineapple...did you see that on South Park? The one where Paris Hilton shoves a pineapple up her (HELLO) for the crowd? And then Mr. Slave jumps on her head and slides over her with his rectum...THAT'S what Andy Coulter needs...it might give him a different perspective on life.

no i mean the type of upsidedown pineaple that was in the Adam Saddler movie where he was the son of satan, and everyday Hitler showed up in a tutu, and satan rammed one up his ass. I forget the name of the movie.

Thank you SUMO!!!!!

Shrill harpy is all i can say.


What a crazy lady. The republicans would do well to try and silence/get rid of her before the mid terms.
  • Posted at 5:21 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

yes, she is a liability and even many of them don't want her in their corner.

I think the movie you are describing is "Little Nicky"...and the Paris Hilton thing was just on this week so it was fresh in my mind. I like South Park in all of its glorious moronic symbolism...because it shocks the system and it's worth a bunch of laffs. Americans need to laugh more.

Ann who? She doesn't exist in real life, she just a awful cartoon character

I'm not a big fan of Ann Coulter and haven't read a single one of her books.

The left hates her, instead of dismissing her, because many look at her and see themselves in the mirror. Ann Coulter's modus operandi is to hurl a lot of insults at liberals. When she is called on it, she says she is being "funny" and the liberals have no sense of humor. But think about what a LOT of liberals do -- they consistently call the President a chimp, a racist, a war criminal, a terrorist, and when called on it, they say, "oh, I'm joking. Get a sense of humor!" Which is exactly what Coulter does.

Many on the left, influenced by Nietzsche and Heidegger one way or another, see reality consituted by "perspectives" and see "authenticity" as more important than truth. What Coulter does is question the authenticity of liberal prophets, and they hate it. Liberals think Kerry and Murtha can't be criticized on foreign policy because they have military service; socialists like Sheehan and Berg can't be criticized because their sons died in the war; anti-Bush fanatics like the Jersey Girls can't be criticized for their jihad against the administration because the people they married died on September 11th. Well, they can, and Coulter drives the dagger right into the heart of the ideological beast.

She is hot. love the way she is outspoken
  • Posted at 3:46 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

But think about what a LOT of liberals do -- they consistently call the Pres(nut) a chimp, a racist, a war criminal, a terrorist

Believe me when I say things I am not joking. I am very serious.

To comment on the book I don't know what exactly the blonde nazi is saying in it, but I too believe that there are 911 widows who deserve criticism and scorn (and worse). Like there greedy corporate terrorist husbands many of the greedy widows stole from charity that many people, including many people who have very little gave to help people in need. This stupid greedy whores were not in need and not only that they took disproportionally. They took from the poor widows who actually needed the money. I don't know if this is the criticism or something else, but if it is just keep in mind that there are some universal truth's and just because someone is on the "opposite" side does not mean we have to automatically disagree with them.

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