Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 11
Sopranos Episode 11
Sunday, June 04, 2006
Time : 10:08 PM

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Comments for Sopranos Episode 11
The Rolling Stones Moonlight Mile... excellent theme song for this episode. God, I can feel the tension building in this one. Nice of the Fed to clue in Tony.

Mr. Sumo remarked that usually the same song wasn't played at the beginning and the end. Whatever. I guess it wasn't illegal to tip him off and sort of stay on the good side of Tony. I thought that Carmella's hair looked nice for a change. And what's up with AJ?

Yawn. Must be Monday.

Thank you for the link to the cool pics you left in my comments. They're amazing!

Will the Sapranos ever end? Cause I'm yawning with jezebel. :)

One more season. 8 episodes.
Also had the last episode of the season last night for Big Love. I really like that show. Deadwood season statrts up soon. I'm going to watch it this season. I've heard to many good things about it. Oh and Pop, glad you liked the pics. I decided i needed another site for my art. keep my two interests seperated abit. if you havent seen my other site with art it's here.

So how are things in Left of Center world? Is your back okay now?

Thanks for asking Pop. i havent been as busty as i used to be and want to be because of it. On the 28th of this month i'm getting spinal fusion surgery. Then after about 5 weeks recovery i should be back to feeling better.

Deadwood is awesome. You will really enjoy it. Edwardian speech and good writing.

oh I know, the dialogue in Deadwood is unbelievable.

Hope the operation works out for you so you can feel better all the time :)

moonlight mile is one of my favorite stones songs (monkey man being number 1)

not much happening in the last episode of the season but i think julianna margulies (sp) did a bang up job (so to speak).

and will aj turn tolerable because of the chica? i don't care the reason, i just hope he does because man he is THE WORST NUDGE in the ENTIRE universe

i'll light a candle for you and your back surgery. just do EVERYTHING the docs and therapists tell you to. EVERYTHING

The Feds saved his ass because their gonna bust him and those two swarthy gentilemen that hang out at the Bing. Watching Chris take another nose dive is excruciating. I did notice this season that the episodes were lessed balanced. It seemed like each episode was more focused on one person, or situation, as the theme. This season was like some deap house vs previous seasons hard trance.

Left of Center:"i havent been as busty as i used to be and want to be..."

Um, there are silicone implants if you really feel upset. Your busty past is something I definitely did not know about.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

You will (really) like Deadwood. All the characters are interesting...it is never boring. You'll never have to swear again...they will do it weekly for you.

ok EB .. smart ass... As I have said many times and not a boob guy. So I would have little need for a busty past. Spelltard.

Chris has the willpower of a sack of door knobs. I wish Tony offed him the time he was accused of fooling around with Adrianna.

You have said this many times? Like in a Rainman kinda way?

"Not a boob man. Not a boob man. Kmart."

christopher is a gonner next episode....just an opinion. He gets knocked off.

How about the FBI guy tippin T off?

how great was that

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