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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Time : 2:24 AM

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Comments for Boom
That was great! I'm a late comer (as usual) to System of a Down, but I've been hooked since last summer. Great stuff.

oh yea SOAD is an awesome band. Lots of there songs are more like operas with diffeent vioces and parts being in many keys. They're also tuned in to the problems facing society.

"War is over, if you want it..."

I want it.

Yeah, I've only gotten into them the past year or so, really. But its good stuff.


Great music. great message.

I wasn't aware that, that many people had protested...good. Now...how does one go about getting the video thingie for their blog?

youtube has thousands of videos.. when you see one you like they have the code right there. Just copy and past it into your blog. very simple. :)

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