Left of Center: By Yukkione: I Hate America
I Hate America
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Time : 6:49 PM

Thats right I hate America! It took some time for me to be convinced, but there it is. You see, I have no respect for the President, his cabinet, his ideas or his lap dog Congress and Senate. I hate the war, the economy, health care, environmental policy, foreign policy, nation debt, trade deficit, and anything they do in the name of God. Wow, I just don't hate America, I'm a SUPER HATER! Apparently though, I'm not the only one... studies indicate our standing in the world is crumbling faster than Ann Coulter's reputation as a fair minded intellectual. Now that I've admitted to having a problem I can start a 12 step program to get on the road to recovery. But what about all those other haters in the world. I mean, they often know more about American policies and actions than actual Americans. How can we combat the well informed? My goodness, they were right... ignorance IS bliss!. I am thinking about writing Condoleeza Rice about the importance of stepping up the exporting of American brand ignorance. The world not only needs freedom, but needs to be free from thought. Blissfully devoid of those pesky facts and figures. Two things people.. I need to find a sponsor for my program, and I need your help in devising a plan to present to the State Department. Thanks, and if I have ever offended with my Hate, I will be contacting you soon to personally apologize and make amends.

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Comments for I Hate America
I too hate America. It's worse than just the government. Look at all the idiots driving around in SUV's and charging away on credit cards. Look at all the idiots who say I don't care about dead non-white people in other countries that they can't even identify on a map and it's not fair that you are trying to make me care. We have two main parties that stand for the same thing and are both run by sick twisted rich white people. We have police that murder innocent people. We have corporate welfare galore, but it would be just to damn !@#$%^ expsensive to put in a universal health care system. This country is a shithole run by shitholes, filled with shitholes.

Well put city..I can tell your holding back. you're right though.. We have this illusion of choice. Progressive Democrats are fighting an uphill battle because the old gaurd profits from things as they stand. They are no different than Republicans. Look at Kerry and Bush, both from Yale and both Skull and Bonesmen. Look how hard and Quick they tried to sink their fangs into Obama when he got here. Then there is the subclass that acts as the enforcers. We call them cops, judges, lawyers.

I will be your sponsor, LoC. We can sort this out with sensitivity, reflection, and reach dpeths of serenity together as a team.

Man, I love you! Come 'ere!!! Group hug!

You admitted that you have a problem, help me help you.

You've lost faith, I've lost testicles! So I "get it" man.

Awwww, you guys love the proletariat, but it does not love you back. LOL!

Yes, Jason, they are much more prone to embracing someone who reads archaic philosophical tomes than one of their own.

I met a guy named Rex once who told me if you cant beat'em, join em'...

Man. .I swear we have the same reading list! (grin)

Voltron, your blog is the most pretentious place in blogarama. I'm not sure who listens to self aggrandizing either.

The proletariat?

I don't think you ever answered my Camus questions either.


Self-aggrandizement is better than self-loathing, which is what the angry, hateful left excels at.


Bush and his ilk ain't America. They pretend to be America. What you hate is the pretenders. America is a lot more than the insane Republicans and the rollover Democrats. America is guys like Woody Guthrie and Dr. King and Robert Kennedy, Ben Franklin, Muhammad Ali, Elvis.

Oh wait, most of those guys are dead.

Well, the IDEA of America is not dead. That's the idea the founding fathers had (somewhat flawed at the time) of a new country where people could be self-governing and free to pursue happiness. What an idea!

I think a lot of gains have been made in that direction. After all a lot of the foundng fathers owned slaves. No more slavery. Women couldn't vote. They got the vote, even if it was only 80 years ago.

His Majesty and Grand Poohbah King George is a blip in history. He has tried to dismantle civil rights and rip the Constitution and kill Social Security and environmental protection, but soon, the body politic will vomit this hairball up and we will get back to being America.

Have faith. Optimism. Otherwise the terrorists win. And I am referring to the ones currently running the United States government.

Shilliday, I'm calling you out on this one. You don't hate America. You hate Bush. And you are smart enough not to confound the two. So what is really up? Is this just some red meat to keep the troglodytes occupied? Let's have the 411.

I agree with citisucks! THERE ARE TOO MANY MORONS tootling about in their SUVs without regard to anyone but themselves. And they aren't happy, they are gorging themselves with crappy food and their kids are getting diabetes.


I don't know ... you get rid of everyone who drives SUVs and Seattle would be sadly depopulated. No more Jim McDermott. That would leave pickup-truck drivers sitting pretty ... and we all know about those damned pickups ... at least you don't see every other SUV sporting a gun rack ...

Left of Center,

The similarities between the Democrats and Republicans are the reasons that I am know a Green Party member. Police exists for one reason: To uphold the rich white male order. No one in power represents the people. I swear the reason they want to build a border fence is to keep us, the slave class all locked in, when all the jobs are outsourced and we are all starving.

I used to think like you, but then I realized this. I see I don't know how many SUV's a day full of people who don't care if a child dies for their oil and so they can imagine in their delusional world they are impressing someone with their SUV. Now matter how many times I tell the people I work with about the evils of Walmart and while they acknowledge the evils it is like they don't even care and they still continue to shop their. Gay people are often afraid to show affection in public because of the violent right-wing nutsjobs who worship their nutjob homophoebic preznut (and this is in a liberal city). I could go on and on, but thank you for stating that the terrorists in power are those running the government (into a ditch).
The more I think about it I realize this. Bu$h is a simple of evil sick twisted idiot america. The problem goes much deeper than Bu$h. Throwing Bu$h in a jail cell and throwing away the keys would be really cool, but honestly I question how much it would really change things, if at all. I'm also not saying get rid of the SUV idiots, I just saying get rid of them execution style I am just saying to get them to drive smaller cars (or bike or take public transportation).

Helen Wheels,
Thanks-totally agree with you too!

You are right that Bush is a symptom (I think you mean) of what's up with America, and that the problem goes deeper than him. It goes to the people who elected him. I do have to question your statement, "I swear the reason they want to build a border fence is to keep us, the slave class all locked in, when all the jobs are outsourced and we are all starving." With respect, the reason I usually hear for the proposed fence is to keep 'furriners' out, not to keep Americans in. Do you know something we don't?

Just wait and see, what the corporate terrorists including the corporate terrorist in chief have in store. Bu$h plans to bring the killings back home. Just like Hitlers killing spread so will Bu$hes. And then there is all the jobs that will be outsourced and eventually we will all be out of jobs and out of money. And the pigs who are paid to uphold the white male corporate terrorist order will be out in forced just like they were in New Orleans to use guns against anyone who tries to feed their families.

P.S. Bu$h wasn't elected, he got in because the voting system is rigged and the only party that is fighting to fix the election process is the Green Party.

So, citi, Bush wants to build the border fence to keep us all in, so we can't flee when he starts killing us ... Got it now. Thanks.

Just a friendly reminder: my name is citisucks- citi is an advertisement for a terrorist cell of banking terrorists-citisucks means the terrorist cell sucks, so please everyone call me by my name citisucks or if you want something shorter you can use a former name of mine, tri.

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