Left of Center: By Yukkione: Hot Smack, Get your Hot Smack!
Hot Smack, Get your Hot Smack!
Sunday, June 18, 2006
Time : 9:55 PM

Heroin laced with Fentanyl is killing hundreds of users. Cops are looking for the source. Every dealer they bust should be one step closer... at least one would think. The fact is they aren't closer to finding the source. There are no major arrests in the case. Hundreds of people dead, and they are no closer to wrapping this up than when it all started. Why? Because these are fucking drug users! Thats why.. these aren't cute little blond headed teen agers. They aren't the children of rich uppercrusty suburbanites. (At least one wouldn't think they were) You see, law enforcement gets geared up for certain events and certain people. Without the perception of safety the movers and shakers could put the whole works into a fucking free fall. So our law enforcement puts most of it's energy into keeping our leaders from seeing protesters, and tracking down missing coeds. Oh yea there is terrorism, but thats just a code word for look busy and getting the money. Meanwhile opium is being harvested in record amounts in Afghanistan, and hundreds of people are dieing on American streets because some ass hole wants to cut the drug with another pharmaceutical poison. God Bless America.

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Comments for Hot Smack, Get your Hot Smack!
So- you are blaming bad smack now on Bush too?

I blame him for bad beer.

At least as the Taliban regroup they can squash some of this opium nonsense.

Those that chose this for themselves must suffer the consequences. The operative word being 'choice'...maybe a better way to go than being blown up in a humvee...not buying it eh?

I think a better way to go is while having my feet massaged by a nude Johnny Depp surrounded by Dove bars and Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey watching "Supergroup" on Vh-1...

But, thats just me.

so what is the problem here?

You think we should spend more time and resources to save the junkies?

Or do you think the war on terror is taking the resources that we could be using to protecting crack heads?

what is your beef? i can't figure it out.

I mean i don't want to see these junkies get killed by a bad batch, but i don't think we should spend a whole lot of time trying to help them if it means we're taking time away from real victims, like the little blond headed girls that are missing or whatever it was you were saying.

Is that what you're saying? we should treat them equally?

I'm talking about several things. The inequity in news coverage. The way that the protection of the law doesn't apply to all equally. The fact that Afghanistan is back to being a huge producer of opium in part thanks to us. And finally, that marginalizing groups of people via labeling is morally wrong, and that it perpetuates stereotypes.

First of all, Afghanistan was a huge producer of opium before we invaded.
secondly, what are you some whiny bitch? former crack addict? current heroine addict?
these people CHOOSE to use these drugs AND break the law!
So now they're getting some bad stuff and you want everyone to cry for them? I'm more concerned with the real victims, not people who are getting hurt while actually committing a crime. Should we cry for the guy who gets herpes from a hooker?

I'm making popcorn. Be right back.

Addiction is both a choice and a disease. I personally think people should be able to trip, smoke dope, bang smack, drink jagermeister, pop bennies, and ingest life-loving ludes to their heart's content. What goes into one's body is not anyone's business as long as you don't rob people to buy it.

When you knowingly participate in a risky behavior, be it in desperation or you actually crave rat poison...there is little anyone can do. The war on drugs is a waste of resources.

Of course it is tragic when a pretty blonde woman is missing, but it is also tragic when children go missing every day that are not as "interesting". The objection is that the repetitive coverage of the same shit takes time and opportunity away from other stories that matter.

But then again, I also turn it off and seek out what I can respect.

Oh yeah- my name is Elizabeth Branford and I am a whiny crackhead bitch.

But I agree labelling is wrong.

Hmm. what I see out of this is a commentary on the hypocrisy of what we say we are against, or fighting, and what we actually do and prioritize.

If there is not going to be an actual "war on drugs, then just let everyone dope themselves up and let the buyer beware.

Of course, some of those buyersw will be stupid 13 year-olds who are not old enough or smart enough to realize heroin can kill you.

But as to adults, legalize all drugs and let the gene pool sort itself out.

Well Pinkfem I was not expecting you to go all social darwin on us!

yes, a big problem is the difference between the stated priorities and objectives and the actual spending behind it. And the inability to ever admit that what we throw money at does not work.

As for the 13 year olds, are you suggesting that a free for all is harmful to them because they do not know any better? i want to make sure I do not mischaracterize what you say.

-13 year olds can get smack and die from it, legal or not
-13 year olds can get hurt doing many things that we do not outlaw.
-Drugs can be handled liek cigarettes. An age limit, and penalties for helping minors get access.
-The fact that 13 year olds should not do drugs does not mean that the adults should be restricted.
-I don't understand why pot is illegal and herbs, echinacea etc, all kinds of things that do significant things are legal and over the counter.

Heroine is horrible, no question. but why can't we smoke dope?

Everyone knows that street smack is often cut down to 10% or even lower; the street dealers are just adding the Fentanyl to try to get some kick back into it. Could it be that some of the smack-heads are getting the dosage levels wrong when they cook up the mix?

YCr is reminded here of the axiom known as "Occam's razor:" entia non sunt multiplicanda sine neccesitas--i.e., the simplest explanation is the most likely. Why do smack-heads OD'ing on "Goodfellas" have to be the result of some government plot? These guys aren't real smart, but even they know you can't go to the cops to lodge a complaint about the jerk who sold their buddy the tainted fix. This is an illegal substance. With no oversight or regulation, the law of the jungle prevails, and it ain't pretty.

Whatever happened to the culture of life conservitives are always preaching about?

Whatever happened to the culture of life conservitives are always preaching about?..... oh, that begins at the moment of ejaculation (no, not conception-- but ejaculation) and ends at the moment of birth.

Lets see lefty, what ever happened to the culture of life? What the hell does that even mean? Tell your crack head friends to go get some help. maybe they could pray for some help. Oh but of course you liberals don't believe in God, so i guess you're just going to have to rely on the government to take care of you. Oh my bad, you already do that.

forget i said anything.... just keep on keepin on man.

Tina, unless your a brain dead vegetable. In that case we'll fly in from the four corners of the Earth to save you.

"The Asshat lauded his dead cat in front of his Rabbi" - Elizabeth Branford

I have to say that I agree with Ms. Branford...when she first started with the popcorn...it got really good after that. I say eat, drink and be merry and as long as you don't hurt anyone but yourself...knock yourself out big time and enjoy it while you can... because around that corner is going to be the dog police watching your every move. In other words...stick it to the man...if that is your choice for yourself.

Hey, LoC, love this place. Love you guys, too. *hugs!* The culture of life is poking along; though smack and tango aren't part of it, being there and making resources available for those who want to get away from them, are. Help is available 24/7 @ 1-800-480-5965. Cat-lauding not available in all areas.

A point you touched on, but did not say outright though it is speculated among the experts in the field (not the pigs) that some right-wing nutjob is lacing the herion with the fentynal to kill drug users on purpose. This is another reason that the pigs don't want to catch them-because it is most likely one of their type doing this.

The pigs also don't care about women. Do you know how many untested rape kits there are sitting on shelves in police stations?

And yes I can assure you that if someone were killing or even threatened white corporate terrorist bankers the pigs would be all over it

You state:
Those that chose this for themselves must suffer the consequences.

So I hope you apply the same standards to rich white corporate terrorist bankers! Time to stop wasting money on public security pigs to protect the corporate terrorists.


Your ignorance just proves how wrong you are. Have you ever even met a herion addict/user???
They are generally nice people and like all other people have a lot to offer.

Perhaps though we have found the murder though-you. After all from your blog it appears that you are familair with being brought up on charges-such as the murder of innocent people in Iraq, that even the corporate terrorist military tried to hold you accountable for.

I dunno, citi. Wouldn't a right-wing nutjob (that would be such as me) want smackheads around in order to justify continued massive funding for the so-called "war on drugs?" Why kill off the biggest scare-monger for DARE programs? Isn't it right-wing nutjobs who are ensuring that Afghan poppy production is kicking back into high gear? Now that would make sense. But why kill off your customers? A capitalist should want to increase his customer base instead of killing it off--more profits, then. (Oh, that's right. We are talking about nutjobs here. Insanity explains a lot.)

By the way would you mind if I reposted this post at my blog (with a link and credit to yours for the post of course)

citisucks, what is it that you take issue with?

I do know 2 people who are heroine addicts, whats your point?

You say: "They are generally nice people and have a lot to offer"

How do you know? Do you know the majority of heroine addicts in the world? How about crackheads? are they generally nice people?
Are alcoholics generally nice people? Is it all drug users, or just heroine?

I'm not wishing ill on anyone, i'm saying that these people are committing a crime themselves. I don't think it's a crime like murder, but that's why i used the prostitute analogy.

so tell me citi do you have a point?


Umm, yes as an Addictions Counselor who works in OMT I work with herion addicts/former addicts every day. So yes I do know more than you do and your trying to talk down to me makes you look like the idiot you are. Interesting how you avoid commenting on the second paragraph in my previous response.

Fentanyl is some strong shit! We use it at the animal hospital I work at & I have seen cats literally watching the tracers coming off their paws when overdosed! The fact that it is being used in Heroin is scary...

Fentanyl has a very short half life therefore producing a very quick intense high.

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