Left of Center: By Yukkione: Was the 2004 Presidential Election a Fraud?
Was the 2004 Presidential Election a Fraud?
Thursday, June 01, 2006
Time : 6:07 PM

Rolling Stone magazine has a piece written by ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR that categorically states that is exactly what happened. How bad was the fraud? Put it this way... By all accounts Bush shouldn't just be livin' at the ranch 40 percent of the time, but 100 percent. The story is a bit long but well worth the read. You need to check it out and find just how the Whitehouse was stolen.

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Comments for Was the 2004 Presidential Election a Fraud?
See who plead guilty this week? Tom Noe, henchmen #1 in Ohio.

yup, and he plead so as not to "drag family and relitves further into this".

I'm glad to see this getting so much press. Too much is never enough. . .

Hhana: Until the popular media make an issue of this, there will be nothing to come form it.
Dhana:Which would never occur, because sensationalizing this story will only present the ineptitude of the media itself to those they would wish to keep placated with it's omnipotence.

Do you think the media really believe this? I rather get the sense that they are laughing at us.

Read it...made me annoyed that they got away with it. But I'm rather used to it by now. Since these bible thumpers have Jesus in their hearts... I guess they aren't figuring on an accounting come their judgement day. Oh...there's a special place for them alright.

I worked w/ a team of volunteer lawyers on 2004 Election Day in Ohio. I saw firsthand how the bastards tried to screw voters out of their votes. We documented it. Plus, my county is THE bellwether county in Ohio... my county went for Kerry.

but what did the team of lawyers do? Were they assembled to watch for fraud or what, and if so, did they try to act?

See Fred ht'd ya at MCCS77.

Yes, knowledge is great, spreading the word is great, but I want to see consequences, a plan and change!!
I'm tired of accepting that they have screwed the public, are screwing the public and will continue to screw the public mentality.

Where is the outrage? Where is the change? Where is the plan? Where is the leadership?

this is just one of the reasons i find the current Democratic leadership (I use that term loosely) so ineffective and just plain silly. What have they done? nothing! Harry Reid crawls out every once in awhile... raises his feeble hand in mock outrage and proclaims... nothing.

Better question, what's to keep it from happening again in 08?


Great read thank you for the link.



Testify, Glenda!

Thats it. Right there. And rants ain't gonna do it, I'm afraid.

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker is going to pick some hippies to do guest spots at Spurious George.

I hope I get nominated! All I get to write are my wife's shopping lists as she dictates.

left of center--

I agree with you 100%. We on the right control the voting machines, so you might as well stay home and not vote. (Meanwhile I'll be helping mobilize conservatives.)

I could not agree with you more Glenda and I have some of the answers to your questions.

Where is the change? Where is the plan? Where is the leadership?
The Green Party is the party that strongly supported and was willing to fight for a vote recount. The Green Party has a plan and has 10 key issues: http://www.gp.org/tenkey.shtml. If everyone who didn't beleive that the Green Party could win, but whose values most closely matched the Green Party voted for the Green Party, than the Green Party would win many elections.

The pushback on the Rolling Stone piece was pretty quick and pretty severe.


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