Left of Center: By Yukkione: What are we fighting for?
What are we fighting for?
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Time : 11:43 AM

CarolynC967, at the Daily KOS has written a piece that should scare the hell out of anyone who thinks we live in a free country. Is this what we are fighting for? Is this what so many have died for? That incidents like this are happening make me want to scream to these people that would sit on their asses as our freedoms are stripped away one by one for some obscure sense of security. Please read it here.

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Comments for What are we fighting for?
That's very scary. If that was my child, I think I'd take him/her to another independent psychologist just to be safe and get a second opinion, especially in lieu of the fact the principal now requested a hard copy of the findings.

I would also start calling local media outlets and tell them my story in the hopes that others would be outraged too.

Yes! Media might be the outlet to use to warn the citizenry... Scary indeed...

A somewhat related poem on short notice...


A country's taking the wrong drug,
Slipping the noose round death,
Fitting shores in electric wire,
Defending human rights in jest.
Have you heard?
Ground Zero to open in 2009.

The country's ingesting Pantethol,
Five thousand milligrams in all.
Skipping out on the Pavulon dose,
Straight to Potassium Chloride.
Have you heard?
Ground Zero to open in 2009.

A country in this slaughtered age,
O! Can you hear the failing noise;
Bombs and guns; depleting disgrace,
Chambers filled with a dying face.
Have you heard?
Ground Zero to open in 2009.

We longed for more. We yearned.
A lighted path, an eternal flame
Hovering there on golden wing
Instead, two-way mirror our malign.
Have you heard?
Ground Zero to open in 2009.

A country's taking the wrong drug,
Slipping noose of bloody election,
Fitting in shackles of mined metal,
And governing the self-injection.
Have you heard?
Ground Zero to open in 2009.

Have you heard?

Scary indeed. And thank you for the wonderful scary poem

I know I have been criticized for this in other forums, but we are quickly becoming a fascist dictatorship, with the WTC as our Reichstag Fire.

Lew Thats what I have been saying as well. I said something to that effect on another blog, and got gutted for it.

That is upsetting. I bet our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

That raised my blood pressure. Are there that many FOOLS in this land of ours? Well..it's fast not becoming our land...we are soooo close to not wanting to claim any association with what it is beginning to stand for more clearly now. Half or perhaps more citizens are disenfranchised by these jokers. Any of us blogging are of course targets. I also know of a 19 year old that got a visit from the FBI because she wrote a cautionary tale to our Georgie. It was satirical yet her family had their house ransacked and computers confiscated. Later returned. Oh...and did I mention guns drawn on the hapless folks? They still can kiss my keester.

Hey, I did a photo illustration about a week ago saying "Big Brother isn't Coming, He's Already Here."

Those idea stealers. What next, my bank account numbers?

It scares me and it makes me equally sad. I never thought anyone could do this much damage to my country in so short a time. There's a dark cloud where there used to be sunshine and I'm wondering if we'll ever see the sunshine again.

Why did everyone let them take it away from us? Have Americans become so chicken shit scared that they are willing to give up our greatest treasure? Yes patricia, apparently they are.

Reminds me of that old John Prine song. or maybe it was George Strait.

We are fighting to bring freedom to the Isalmofascists who look to enslave our world under their brown-skinned anti-Christian religion. And anyone who doesn't want to spied on is in league with the terrorists anyway! Why don't you just move away if you hate America so much?

Carrie, settle down, Honey. I'm bringin' U that meditation, i mean meducation.

Hey there carrie,I dont know about no Islamowhatitz but I do know that you need to put some meat on those skinny ass bones of yours. I just want to take you home and feed you a proper meal. Girl, I'll grill you up some bbq ribs, and greens with fatback. Wash it all down with a nice big glass of ice cold coolaid. That'll set your body straight, once thats done we need to be working on that mind. Jesus weeps for those that be hatin'.

Christ , I leave for a few hours and when I come back I see the three stooges have invaded my blog. Left of Centers credibility as a hard hitting news source is flying out the window.

Boy, that Boogeyman is one powerful dude, ain't he? Look at all the employment he's providing! Why, with all the rest of the jobs being outsourced in this country, Terrorism Cop might be the only job left. There's won't be much for any of us to do, of course, but we'll make up something to attempt to justify our jobs.

There's breaking news out of Brazos County on DeLay on my site.

LOC...I just laid my head down on my desk and laughed my ass off...yes sir, you have been invaded by the three stooges! Not to be confused with Moe, Larry and Curly of course...

Surely somebody with stat-tracker should know who they are by now...I don't recall other spoofs taking this long to unravel.

And no, LOC, Its not me. I'm here so much my IP probably says "HI LOC, its Lily!"

The corporate terrorist run government is out of control. We have a one party system that is engaging in class warfare against all of us and in a war on dissent. The Democrats are completely uninterested in stopping the fascists. This is why I have switched to the Green Party, the only party really interested in stopping the fascists.

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