Left of Center: By Yukkione: Hammer time!
Hammer time!
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Time : 6:29 AM

Tom (The Hammer) Delay has announced his retirement. He says he can do more for the Republican party outside of government. But, how much can he do while behind bars? Methinks not much. Delay said he informed the President a day befor making his announcement. This speaks volumes as to what his priorities were. He served the President, not the Congress or his own voters. Party before the people. It's been nice knowing you Tom, adios as they say in Texas.


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Comments for Hammer time!
To DeLay I would say, AMF!

I hope his jail cell is crawling with cockroaches and ants.

Look how bravely his hairpiece flies in the wind of adversity.

He is also being buffeted by the winds of change. Others will be leaving as he does.

He is in some dire need of my Confessional, but the contamination I would get from listening to him would require the Holy Ghost of an purification upon my person.

if he goes to the big house perhaps he can join the aryan brotherhood! i'm sure he'll make a nice bio-tch for SOMEONE

You've obviously photoshoped this image. No one could look like such a buffoon and get elected to office... Then again, this is Texas.

(my apologies to those good, fair-minded Texans... both of you)

(I'd like to apologise for my above apology)

-epm lol
Rose I think he would head the Aryan brotherhood given a month or two
Pink, you would have to have a holy water jaccuzi to cleans ourself.
Glenda thats a good one. ;)
Pop, i think he might have a pet cockroach in the future

He'll get his...oh yes...he will.

excellent point re: the prezdent ...
if anybody deserves a little recreational waterboarding, time naked in a cold, well-lit, noisy cell, a little Granerization, and a large dog snapping at whatever testicles he might have ... it's Delay one of the true enemy combatants ... may an elephant ridden with parasitic worms crap on his face ...

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