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The Past, The Future
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Time : 11:29 AM

The words of Tom Delay as he leaves office spell out exactly what is wrong with American politics. All he could talk about was what he had done for the Republican Party, and what he wants to do for the party. He never mentioned a word about working for the American people. It was all about party loyalty. Most Democrats I know put principle before party. I would never stick to a party line if it were wrong or vote for a Democrat who I didn't think represented my views. For instance, if Hilary Clinton became the Democratic candidate in 2008, I would not vote for her. I think she is a phony, and panders to whoever she wants to impress. Today when Tom Delay returned to DC, he was greeted as some kind of rock star. They lined the corridors of the congressional entrance, high 5ing him and clapping like adoring fools. He walked in like he owned the place. Well I suppose he does. We need to remain clear in our objectives, and keep in mind who our representatives are serving. We mustn't let them forget. If we once again take over the majority we have to keep ourselves in check and renounce those that would misuse their power. We have to learn from history. We also have to let the Republicans be partners in governance, unlike they have with us. We do not want to become that which we despise.

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Comments for The Past, The Future
That the Republicans would celebrate this criminal speaks volumes to how far the party is mired in corruption. It's like if all the Democrats came rushing to the aid of Cynthia McKinney, which, by the way, they didn't.

Your right. As for McKinney. She lost it. For a minute she had my sympathies, but her overplay on the racial profiling thing, and her refusal to say what happened has really damaged her credibility.

These people (?) that lined the hallway probably got paid to do so... that's just how cynical I am!

Did you see him take a shot at "self important legislators" like Cynthia McKinney. It made hot coffee shoot out my nose this morning.


Left - you are a voice of reason in an ocean of confusion.

I appreciate that you recognize that the Democrats could fall into the same mire if they allow themselves to react out of emotion. It's so easy to swing to the opposite extreme - much more difficult to maintain a balance (especially in these times, when the behaviour of the Republicans is so deplorable).

PS: By the way, please read my comment on your March 12 post.

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