Left of Center: By Yukkione: Feingold kicks ass on FOX
Feingold kicks ass on FOX
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Time : 9:50 AM

Monday, While on the Chris Wallace show (The Fox News network) Sen. Russ Feingold kicked ass. He answered every question promptly and intelligently leaving Wallace with little in the way of ammunition. Finally we have a Democrat who will talk honestly, and candidly about the issues. I encourage you to read the full transcript and see for yourself how a Democrat with courage and conviction behaves.
From the Fox transcript:
WALLACE: But none of them have talked about censure. So if you change the law, why not just change the law? Why do you have to call for censuring a president during the middle of wartime?

FEINGOLD: Well, how — are we going to have a system, Chris, where whenever the president wants to make up his own law, he goes ahead and does it, and we say, gee, Mr. President, you broke the law, that's too bad. Let's make a law to make what you're doing legal. What kind of a government is that? What kind of a system is that? And what kind of a message to our kids? If you don't like the law, just make up whatever you want to do and keep going. Frankly, it's outrageous. And if there isn't some accountability, apart from the need to possibly look at legislation, if there isn't some statement that the president can't just make up his own laws, what have we come to? Who are we? It's an outrage, and every member of Congress and every American should say to the president, Mr. President, we respect your commitment in the fight against terrorism, but you've got to return to the law. You've got to return to the way we do things in this system.

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Comments for Feingold kicks ass on FOX
Nothing speaks to me louder about 9/11 being an inside job as the war on terror being used as a justification for every criminal act by the Bush administration. And, just exactly when are we going to fight a war on terror? Saddam was a dictator, not a terrorist. We are now fighting an insurgency in Iraq, we has every justifiaction under international law to repel an occupation force. Afghanistan? The taliban weren't terrorists and made many offers to turn Bin laden over to us pre-9/11. Where's osama now? Why aren't we looking for him?

You're right. We messed up at every turn. We created as big terorism magnet when we ivaded Iraq. We made enemies of people that were at the most ambivilant towards us. I do think the Taliban wanted to be freinds to terrorists at the same time they wanted our money for pipelines. Getting rid of them didnt bother me. Saddam I think we should have just let him go into exile somewhere.

The guy is smart and his answers were great. It is if he cares about the country and its' citizens.

Novel Idea. I wish more politicians acted like that.

Listening to the reporting in the MSM, which rely on wingnut rightie sound bites, you'd get the impression that this Feingold guy was an irrational loon....

But when you're actually given the opportunity to listen to the words coming out of his mouth, rather than the words wingnuts are fabricating and shoving into his mouth, you realize his concerns are rational, sensible, credible and... profoundly those of a patriotic American.

Left-wing bias of the MSM my ass!

I'm liking him more and more all he time.

Me too, I am with pinkfem as usual!

I really am impressed with him lately and I'm a cynic. But we need SOMETHING, SOMEONE out there. Thanks.

I have said that Russ rocks since I first began to follow him. Rhodes scholar, voted against the first Patriot Act, (because he said he read it and didn't like what it contained) and voted against the war. This is the guy we need to get our shit together. Save your lunch money boys and girls and give it to his campaign if he runs.

I've liked Feingold more and more each time I've seen him. He's incredibly well presented, isn't over the top yet he cuts sharply when he needs to.

He's like Biden without the arrogance and without saying "look" 312 times during an interview.

Feingold does seem to be doing a good job. Democrats need someone out there so people can hear the other side of the story, not just all this right-wing crap about how gay people will kill you and Osama and Sadaam will attack your family if you don't vote Republican.

I totally agree with lew scannon. There was no reason to attack Saddam, except Bush's own personal reasons. Osama attacked us...NOT Saddam. The American people need to hear this, because many of them think that Hussein orchestrated 9/11.

The thing about Feingold that will happen...the right powers that be will spin all kinds of crap about him to ruin him. We know he probably is the real deal...but after the spinning many of the wishywashey types will believe the crap and still vote for a righty. We do have to stand strong for him...if he is the one. It's the goobers that aren't smart enough to discern things that scare me when they go to vote. We still remember the swift boaters don't we?

Karl Rove or whoever is charge of the spin for the next election probably has a massive erection waiting to slam Feingold for being divorced, and for being Jewish. the christian right will eat that up

I am impressed with the guy. I even bought a bumper sticker. feingold 2008.

The Christian right is always harping on liberals for not being more pro Isreal. We can call them on their hypocracy if they don't think a jew can be President. The devorce rate in the US is high, if people can't vote for someone that has been divorced then that is just wrong. Being married to the wrong person is hell, and noone should be forced to spend the rest of their life there. We have people that are too talented and commited to be left out of the running for stupid reasons.

awesome ... I love his comment about not giving the terrorists the satisfaction of destroying our own system of government ... I have felt that way since 9/11 ... what more important time not to change the level of freedom most of us aspire to here ... what more important time to hold on tightly to the bill of rights ... to be brave enough to remain free and what better way to say fuck you to terror ... anyhoo ... I truly thank you for this post ... it's great not having TV but having LOC pluck so much good stuff condensed to its essence --- with commentary ...

Ronnie Ray-gun was divorced, so that takes care of that. Feingold can handle himself with anything Rove wants to toss his way. He'll be like superman, he'll grab the bullet out of the air and throw it right back at them. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to get his feet muddy. He knows where the stepping stones are.

I feel like they are stuffing Hillary down our throat, sort of like Kerry was stuffed down last time. I wonder if the repubs feel that McCain is being stuffed down their throat?

Right POP, Reagan was and times have changed, damned near everyone is divorced these days, remarried, whatever. And as LOC says, things like that should not prevent people from trying to serve in any capacity they are called to. I hate these stupid "electability" concerns. Who else is better?????

So there we go. nobody is ideal, perfect, etc. but he went up a notch for at least trying to speak out. Trying... with few watching his back.

Rudy Gulliani is divorced to.. and he cheatted on his wife openly. Yet he is a Republican fav. he is also pro choice, and a Rastafarian.


to quote my most recent favorite line from Madagascar

"I like him. I liked him first. I like him so much you hate him compard to how much I like him."

Rudy is a Rastafarian? Well...sweet mother of pearl I didn't know that! He is multi-layered it would seem. And everyone knew what a dysfunctional family Ronnie had...and they just licked him all over...and all he could do was stand there and say..."well"...

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