Left of Center: By Yukkione: Debra (Maggot) Maggart Really Hates the Faggart
Debra (Maggot) Maggart Really Hates the Faggart
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Time : 11:14 PM

Debra Maggart, Tennessee House of Representatives, thinks same sex couples adopt children, "in order to have unfretted access to subject them to a life of molestation and sexual abuse,". Hmm, best to just have altar boys. More great info here, including her business information. ;)
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Comments for Debra (Maggot) Maggart Really Hates the Faggart
what kind of sick mind would you have to have to believe that?

i read that as well. i WAS going to post on it too but my head turned 180 degrees and i hawked up some green stuff

she said things like single parents can't raise children (didn't matter gay or straight). so, are they to be removed? where would they be sent?

the couple who fostered those 11 children kept in cages (in ohio i believe) was heterosexual were they not?

joel steinberg was heterosexual when he killed his adopted daughter was he not (and why he is out of prison is BEYOND me)?

ok ok ok, i'm going to stop now

What a wacky lady. Everyone knows that most pedophiles are straight men.

Fuck Haggart.

Not even worth giving her attention.

Why can wacko, hateful, bigots allowed to just make shit up with impunity.

As long as these people are tacitly accepted as legitimate voices by the media, their viral, malicious lies will continue to pollute and weaken America. Under these people's leadership America is in a race to become the first first-world country to actually devolve to second-world status.

What a tool! On the other had, part of me almost feels sorry for how much hate that woman is carrying around in her soul. Flowers must die from being in her presence, she is so toxic.

So, uh, how do these people get their offices? Sick shite.

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