Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 4
Sopranos Episode 4
Sunday, April 02, 2006
Time : 8:15 PM

So what cha think?
Spoilers in comments.

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Comments for Sopranos Episode 4
Didn't see it yet. But I finally have to say this publicly: I am in deep, deep love with Edie Falco. She is flawless in every way, both off stage and on.

I feel much better now.
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Edie is really A wonderful actress I would agree. Anyway the episode was abit odd. Paulie Walnuts find out his Mom is really his Aunt. He's really messed up about it. Tony goes home, he's had a bit of an epiphany. Seems he wants to change his life. hard to do when your a made man. Final scene, he's outside by the pool and the wind is blowing. nice tie in with the wind theme of the Indian saying and what the Hal Holbrook character said. Is Tony a closet Buddhist? Back to watch Big Love.

Problem, as I see it, is that there are more people worried about the outcome of a great HBO series than the state of our union... Sad, eh?

Is this the one with the introduction by Antonin Scalia? Fugetaboutit

A Poetry, I would not say more worried, but perhaps one needs a break from the real problems of the world. Having a well crafted story to follow once a week is just what the doctor ordered. You know the justice is a big fan. hehe

Poetryman...no offense...but since our administration doesn't care about the outcome of the state of the American people...I believe we've earned the right to a little HBO frivolity. We care about the state of our union to the point of madness sometimes. A little slack can be a good thing every now and again. LOC...I enjoyed the little side trip with the Rappers and Hal Holbrook...interesting combination of people and their thoughts.

i liked it but not as much as the episodes that came before.

VITO is going to either attempt to whack tony or whack him outright. that much is for sure. even carm knows it

paulie is a big stupid dope and along with aj i hope he gets a cap in his ass (in REALITY i am a non violent person, really i am)

and yes, i have loved edie since oz (one of the BEST shows that was ever on tv)

I predict Vito gets wacked



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