Left of Center: By Yukkione: Drudge posts doctored pic
Drudge posts doctored pic
Monday, April 03, 2006
Time : 11:41 AM

Today the Drudge Report headline story is about Rep. Cynthia McKinney. She is accused of hitting a security officer with her cell phone. However the picture Drudge posted of Rep. McKinney is doctored to make her look like some actor is a Al Jolson review. Her eyes and teeth have been altered in the picture to appear overly white and contrast sharply with her dark skin. The pupil of her right eye is badly applied and is smudged. if Drudge wants to be a serious news outlet, he can't post this kind of inflammatory material. Look at the picture close up here.
I added a blow up here with what you need to look at. It doesnt matter where this photo comes from, it's doctored.

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Comments for Drudge posts doctored pic
Are you sure this is altered and not just another unflattering, baddly lit shot of a politician? I agree it feels a little... assisted, shall we say, but I can't really tell from that little image.

look at the image i link to. If you examinint in photoshop or any other program you can see. the value of the whites in her yees and teeth are far whiter than anything else in the picture, and there is a black spot about the right pupil from a badly done editing job.

By making all other photos on his page black and white is Drudge subtly, racially insinuating something?
  • Posted at 1:27 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

if Drudge wants to be a serious news outlet, he can't post this kind of inflammatory material.

"Drudge - serious news outlet" is a serious oxymoron. I wonder if he ever photoshopped a republican. I think the answer would be NO.

Everyone is going apeshit because a long time ago she said something to the effect that bush knew about 9-11, or something similar to that. So now she swats a cop and all of a sudden she's public enemy #1

Drudge a serious news outlet? In his dreams. Like PoP says, they've been looking to smear McKinney ever since she dared to speak the truth about Bush's foreknowledge of 9/11. Guess what? She was right.

I was speaking to Drudges own intent, not to what he actually is. And yes she spoke up early on 9/11, and they have been guinning for her ever since.

I can't tell but you would know better. Just got newer versions-cs2 and final cut because I was jealous of your video prowess. Now I have to actually learn it. I'm still learning illustrator.

Drudge's intent?

grats on getting ver. cs2 it's a great suit of apps. As to intent, I think he wants to be the goto guy for cutting edge news. He isnt always promoting what one might consider conservitive news. but usually.

It's a valid Reuters photo. I found it on Yahoo news, black spot included.

"Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) speaks at a news conference after an altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer earlier in the week in Washington March 31, 2006. McKinney is waiting to learn if she will be charged for apparently striking an officer after she entered a House office building earlier this week unrecognized and did not stop when asked. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts"
  • Posted at 7:49 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

anon, the photo you linked to is not the original either but a resized version. I scowered the net before I posted. I have added a link to an untouched but blown up version of the picture. It's quite obvious that it's be photoshoped.

I watched her on CNN today with Wolf Blitzkrieg about her travails. She wouldn't answer his questions and preferred to bring up celebrity names that help her in her cause. She wasn't credible to me...and she looked like she did in the picture btw...like she was on crack or something. He he!

not surprising from drudge

I didnt say she wasnt nutty. She is.

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