Left of Center: By Yukkione: My Chevy Commercial
My Chevy Commercial
Friday, March 31, 2006
Time : 10:31 AM

Check out my commercial right here.

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Comments for My Chevy Commercial
Aw come on...what about big children? Big pets? Big bags of soccer balls? Big bags of shit from Wal Mart and Sam's? What about the act that it takes a lot of power to tow an ego?

Does the snow help cushion the rollovers?

And lastly- then I will stop teasing you- where is the OBLIGATORY WARNING?? "professional driver, closed course, not everyone will qualify for chevy credit, residency restrictions apply, msrp is the price of a small country.... THE SMALL PRINT IS MISSING!!!!

My commercial would have women in bikinis: "You know you like Chevrolesbians". Then I would have penguins holding Budweiser cans with their feet.

I love consider the boot's line, "big bags of shit from wal mart and sam's"

So make your comercial.it's a contest Chevy is having. Make one then post it. Chevrolesbians? Do they have a movie?

nice job, dearheart. Glad to see you are spending your time constructively! :) But I doubt we'll get any check from the chevrolet people anytime soon...

Chevrolesbians was a joke, LOC. ITS ALWAYS A JOKE WHEN I AM AROUND. The way that marketers try to use things that appeal to men to sell things... oh never mind.

Hi Amy. Kick him please. :)

I hate him for his freedoms.

Where's the little brat peeing on a Ford?

hey, I entered through your link you have on posts and after a moment your music came on. (Little did I know my speakers were cranked).

Scared the bajesus out of me!

Wake up call, indeed! :>)

Damn! Just watched the commerical again. Short yet powerful! The music is perfect (when the speakers aen't cranked in surprise, that is)! ;>}

Lily I knew you were kidding about the Chevolesbians. I suppose the time would be right to start a group. haha
The fiirst commercial I did, I forgot to put in music, so I redid it. I should have made it longer with breaks between the talking points but hey, as Amy said I wont be getting a check from Chevy anytime soon.

Hmmm "Chevrolesbians"... I'm intrigued, yet at the same time slightly intimidated.

I LOVE this, it's so well done and funny. What application did you use?
I've done some work stuff in Final Cut, but this is very creative.Wow.

Follow the link to the video then hit the make your own button. ou just pick from about a dozen or so video clips, add your own verbage, and pick the music.. quite easy. Final cut is a cool app.. Another easy but powerful video app is Adobe Premere.. it can be downloaded using bittorrent (to try out)

I love the music and the messege....and I love the fact that it looks empty= plenty of room for the EGO's ( of the Apprentice ).....Maybe a Carsick Bassatt with head and ears in the Breeze hanging out the window?....

( Hmm, and now that song is stuck in my head and I am humming aimlessly....)

Is it a Mac-friendly site?

I've heard Premier is good, but I'm an old Mac user. Used to work for Apple and got used to the user-friendly interface.

Now I have all the apps and Adobe set, and do graphics and film for a living.

love it ... stuck em with their own dagger ...

LOC- Google "Pussiliency"!!! The googlebomb is working. Soon it will be a real word. I love Earl Bockenfeld! He's so damn clever! HA!


PS If I did go that route I would not be a Chevrolesbian, I would be a volvolesbian or subarastafarian or maybe even a hybridisiac. I have never had a chevy. No commercial from me.

wow, i'm a subarastafarian! and a pussilient one at that!

LOVED your commercial too. simple yet you made your point. snappy tune too. i give it a 98, i could dance to it (and did!)

That's nice work LoC.

I wonder what airing it during the NBA Finals would do to sales?

I mean, really. I'd like to see that!

It sure might motivate demand for GM's Hybrid vehicle lines and that'd do even more to ensure stockholder and long-term employee prospects!

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