Left of Center: By Yukkione: Couric to be NBC anchor
Couric to be NBC anchor
Monday, April 03, 2006
Time : 11:19 AM

I just read that Katie Couric is the NBC choice for their evening news anchor person. Edward R. Murrow is turning in his grave, and Walter Cronkite is wishing he hadn't lived so long. Yea, it's great that a woman is being made head anchor person. But I give Couric no props for ever being a journalist. This is just another step towards the corporate news media becoming a big fluffy nothingness. Mrs Couric is cute and perky and everything else alot of baby boomers find attractive in a morning personality, but keep the big chair for REAL reporters and journalists.

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it's a damn good thing i keep my collection of barf bags with me at ALL times


I know hardly anything about Katie Curic, but I'm uncomfortable with the assertion that she's unqualified because she is "cute" and "perky." This is just a little sexist and reads more like Limbaugh or Drudge for my money. Rather, it would be better to cite actual deficiencies in her intellect or professionalism than her appearance.

The corporate media is all about ratings, whatever will keep the people glued to their sets so they will stick through the commercials. Television has killed journalism long ago, reporters no longer report, they are merely newsreaders and have been for the past few decades. Investigation and truth are by-products of a long ago age when those things mattered to journalists, now they occupy the Ivory Towers with our leaders and so objectivism has beem thrown by the wayside.

You won't get any argument from me regarding the unworthiness of American broadcast news-tainment.

I think the real slide started in the '80s under Reagan when the FCC "equal time" rule was trashed, cable "news" came of age, and TV networks became mere profit centers for conglomerates. Still, Frontline, NOW and other public television programs still do some heavy-lifting journalism.

epm i've seen katie do 'news'. she STINKS. no sexism here far from it. she has NO intellect nor is she very professional. she makes my skin crawl

and this is why I get most of my news from you guys!!

There are plenty of women who can think and chew gum at the same time, not that gum-chewing is all that attractive in a newswoman.

Actually, They don't really need any of their anchors to be too bright...sex-appeal in both men and women is more valued since they are mainly reading the news, not reporting it.

...but keep the big chair for REAL reporters and journalists.

Naw...who cares who the talking head at the top of the beast is? I agree with Glenda.
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But that is my point, i dotn want news readers, I want someone who can get a story. someone who can conduct a tough interview.The problem is with the network, not the people that are selected to read the news.

But aren't news anchors basically just talking heads anyway?
  • Posted at 3:23 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

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