Left of Center: By Yukkione: Thank you Harry Taylor
Thank you Harry Taylor
Friday, April 07, 2006
Time : 10:16 AM

Kos blogger Grokgov has started a site to thank Harry Taylor for speaking out at a recent Bush speech. Please head over to the page to sign and lend your support. We need to support brave Americans who speak up against corrupt power. Mr. Taylor is not alone in being embarrassed about the state of affairs in the US.


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Comments for Thank you Harry Taylor
I think the efforts by bloggers have been effective-recall Democratic Underground and good ol Helen...but I think a real phone call, personal email, etc. has more weight in these situations. If you speak to an elected official very often they will say that what takes very minimal effort has little impact because number one, many think it is a way to drive traffic to an "action" site. Second, they gage how engaged and angry you are by the way you express it. A person who writes a letter is going to also complain to friends, etc. Some of us get online petition stuff ten times a day. I wonder if they matter now. LOC?

Thank you for mentioning that Elizabeth, and for visiting. I frequently post responses from my representitives to letters I have written them. I freuently call them too. I have always encouraged people and my handfull of readers to become active in the ways you have mentioned. It's important, and bears repeating. Signing petitions is imporant too. it about the weight that is applyed to the scales, every gram counts. Every petition, every letter, and every call weighs in favor of our cause.Even if that weight is small.

Bastard needs to be shot. Where does he get off questioning the leader of the Free World like that?

Left of center,
hope you don't mind I am going to put this link on my site... Thank you.

You are hereby linked, my friend. When and if they come to Poetic Justice they will be directed here to take action! :>)

Thank you Poetry. Though I didn't make the original post. Community is a great thing.

Rockwellian pose there, don't you think? Kinda looks like the guy in the 'Freedom of Speech' picture.

neil, one blog showed the two side by side. it really does, same camera angle and everything.

I toodled over and signed it...makes one feel really good. I hope this makes it into CNN...

I hate to leave this comment here...I just couldn't find your email addy in your profile.

However, the link you have on your site for me is actually just the blog link...the parent url of my site is http://www.rageagainsttheright.com

If you were to update your link on this site I'd be ever so grateful.

I just have to find code that allows me to tell people they're not on the home page of my site if they're on just the blog alone..as the site has lots of other political stuff.

Thanks in advance dude!

that was awesome. he spoke for a lot of us

He is far from being alone. I clicked over from your links yesterday and left an email at the blog. With Bush's, um, I mean your, approval rating so low... I'm wondering how they decided on the bunch of drones in the audience.

How dare this man speak out against our greatest President who is defending our freedoms! He should be locked away with all the other terrorists who hat out freedoms! If all you libarals hate America so much, why don't you just move to Iraq?

OK Please people stop accusing me of being Carrie Oakey as it really makes me look like I have way more free time on my hands than I actually have! THAT is not what I would do with it!

I hear you on the scale point- you are right. BY DU I meant also the way they sent the roeses, etc. "statement" type of actions. I didn't mean to slam petitions, I just wish people would do a tad more too! "in addition to, not in place of" type thinking.

I hope it matters. Your scale analogy though is an excellent thoughtful way to look at it.

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