Left of Center: By Yukkione: AT&T Loves NSA
AT&T Loves NSA
Thursday, April 06, 2006
Time : 10:10 PM

An AT&T technician became a whistle blower when he brought to light information that the company was secretly, and illegally providing network access to the NSA. The Electronic Frontier Foundation brought a suit against the telecom giant in January. The Bush administration objected to some of the information being brought into the case, but the EFF circumvented the objections. When the whole NSA spy story opened, I had the thought that they really couldn't do all that unless the telecoms were involved. So now it turns out that at least one probably was. So where does this leave us? Attorney General Gonzales has said to Congress recently that he wouldn't say whether completely domestic spying isn't taking place. If the Bush record stands, this means they probably are doing domestic spying without one of the partys being outside the US. Who's helping the NSA?

CNET News.com asked telecommunications and Internet companies about cooperation with the Bush administration's domestic eavesdropping scheme. We asked them: "Have you turned over information or opened up your networks to the NSA without being compelled by law?"
Adelphia Communications Declined comment
AOL Time Warner No [1]
AT&T Declined comment
BellSouth Communications No
Cable & Wireless* No response
Cablevision Systems No
CenturyTel No
Charter Communications No [1]
Cingular Wireless No [2]
Citizens Communications No response
Cogent Communications* No [1]
Comcast No
Cox Communications No
EarthLink No
Global Crossing* Inconclusive
Google Declined comment
Level 3* No response
Microsoft No [3]
NTT Communications* Inconclusive [4]
Qwest Communications No [2]
SAVVIS Communications* No response
Sprint Nextel No [2]
T-Mobile USA No [2]
United Online No response
Verizon Communications Inconclusive [5]
XO Communications* No [1]
Yahoo Declined comment

* = Not a company contacted by Rep. John Conyers.
[1] The answer did not explicitly address NSA but said that compliance happens only if required by law.
[2] Provided by a source with knowledge of what this company is telling Conyers. In the case of Sprint Nextel, the source was familiar with Nextel's operations.
[3] As part of an answer to a closely related question for a different survey.
[4] The response was "NTT Communications respects the privacy rights of our customers and complies fully with law enforcement requests as permitted and required by law."
[5] The response was "Verizon complies with applicable laws and does not comment on law enforcement or national security matters.
We're just fish in a fishbowl. Our lives, communications, and movements are not private and no one seems to care. But hey, we are safe from the terrorists right?


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Comments for AT&T Loves NSA
I haven't a shadow of a doubt that they are tapping within the US and upon its citizens and not "terrorist overseas calls"! They don't have the intelligence, literally and figuratively, to do such magic tricks. they are listening and they are lying!

But hey! They're soliciting online sex with little girls! At least the Homeland Security Dept. can claim some successes!

i care!

we all know spying goes on. always has always will. BUT on our own citizens WITHOUT a warrant? no no no

this CANNOT be.

this isn't cuba or north korea is it?

Every law they break, all comes back to 9/11. Why wouldn't anyone think they had something to do with it from all the political capital they seem to have wrung from it.

I am absolutely with Lew on this one. I have had some doubts but lately those doubts are fading away.

So when can we wake up and this nightmare will be over?

What makes everything so different these days is the ease and efficiency with which they can spy- thanks to mega archives and search engines. There are so many points of vulnerability to hack into now. Even if your ISP stood its ground, those that spyware you and track you in secrecy like Yahoo still know what we are doing and give it up easily. It will not get better, and dissent will be chilled as they intend.

We'll go kicking and screaming into the new world order...and I aim to take out some of their body parts when they come callin' on me! I don't go down without a fight of words...they'll have to gag me...and they probably will. Oh...I'll most likely be dead of that heart atack I keep saying they are going to give me if this crap doesn't stop...so maybe not in my lifetime. They all just need a good BJ now and again...they might become human for a change. Heh heh! Ewwww!

This is scary.

before we address these abuses of our freedoms, we first have to win back the ears of our officials and seperate them from their corporate sponsors. Will we be able to elect poeple that will allow this to happen?

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