Left of Center: By Yukkione: DeLay nasty tactics Continue
DeLay nasty tactics Continue
Thursday, April 06, 2006
Time : 5:19 PM

Down in Texas, home of Toms DeLay's Congressional district, his Democratic rival Nick Lampson tried to give a speech. However an email from DeLays campaign manager went out to DeLay followers to meet so they could "wreck" the press conference. One DeLay support even got violent with a 69 year old retired woman. Texas Republicans should be proud of their homegrown bug man. He doesn't discriminate. He is nasty to everyone who doesn't blindly follow him. Thanks to Glenda in the Land of Oz. for the link to the link to our fellow lefty Juanita over at The Worlds most Dangerous Beauty Salon inc. Juanita has some great pictures that I believe someone she knows took.

The Photo is from Jaunita's site

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Comments for DeLay nasty tactics Continue
Man, I saw that. Those thugs are just that - thugs. I hope charges are filed and an investigation follows.

Now I know why republicans only want supporters at Bush rallies. This reminds me of the tactics of the brown shirts during Hitler's regime (there I go again comparing the Republicans to Nazis, but if the jack boot fits..)At first i thought maybe it was the Democrat dirty Trick squad, trying to smear the Republicans in a false flag operation, but then I remembered the Democrats don't have a dirty trick squad.

compare away lew. you know I agree that Bush cultists are brown shirts. A bunch of low self esteem losers that needs to glom onto something bigger, meaner and more stupid than themselves.

Good to see that his legacy lives on, AND without the slighest interruption!

LOC...mean and stupid...so true

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