Left of Center: By Yukkione: Big Brother Outsourced
Big Brother Outsourced
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Time : 9:50 AM

George Orwell was only partially right when he wrote 1984 and Animal Farm. You see in these books the government themselves ran propaganda and doublespeak campaigns. How inefficient, in todays world our government just hires a company to do it for them. Enter the Lincoln Group, a scurrilous group of war profiteers that convey our government's message of “it's all good” in countries like Iraq. They bribe local news papers and other news outlets to run stories they have carefully crafted to convey a message of progress and stability. This in the face of escalating violence, and declining public utilities. Check out this press release:

Dec. 2 at 4pm
Lincoln Group has consistently worked with the Iraqi media to promote truthful reporting across Iraq. Our priority has always been, and continues to be, accuracy and timeliness.
Our clients, our employees and the Iraqis who support this effort have maintained a commitment to battle terror with a powerful weapon - the truth.
The Lincoln Group even has personnel who's job it is to cover the tracks of the groups dealings. The Pentagon insists that the stories they plant are factual. Even in the face of many military leaders saying that they are fighting a losing battle. If this message was so true, then why aren't the Iraqis themselves writing these stories? The funny thing is that in the United States the Pentagon doesn't need to pay the media to ignore the truth, they do it gladly as their corporate owners fear reporting anything that may paint them as weak on security, or bite into their own war profits. Read more in the Independent. In a related Story, the Government has spent over 1.6 Billion dollars on other forms of propaganda. This time aimed at Americans. Read that story here.

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hmmm....i imagine the Lincoln group is run by one of the 5 or 6 huge media conglomerates that control the "truthful" and "factual" delivery of news in our country as well...
  • Posted at 10:02 AM | By Anonymous some_maineiac

what's with the picture of the two gay dudes (reading judy garland's biography) on the home page of the lincoln group's site? NOT that there is anything wrong with that!

Oh! Tyranny thou art a shadowy fellow.

Nice post.


Actually the media group is run by some kid I think he is about 27 from Oxford University. It is a really small company that landed a sweetheart deal. The kid is a real smoothe talker that talked his way into the contract. He has very little background on PR and Journalism.

The deal stinks to high heaven and is a perfect example of how the government just throughs money at the war in Iraq and assumes the more they spend the better the fix will be.

uhhhh throws money. (moron I am)

Shadowy fellow indeed! thanks for the extra info D, always appreciated. To bad they dont spend thast money on actually improving lives instead of just doing so in stories and speeches.

I like this poetryman...

Actually the "guy" used to work BRIT INTEL- but they have taken that off his bio ( which in itself is interesting). The website is interesting and constantly changing- kind of like windblown Cardboard Storefronts in a B Western Movie...it also has a very small cast of players, and does indeed have very very lucrative contracts...I am very curious if they also have contracts with ANY American Media ( cough FOX)....
Thanks for posting on this LOC...

bullshit instead of beans ... what a shitstain ... and they are crappy propagandists at that, if public opinion polls are an indication ... broken, bleeding corpses don't spin very well ...

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