Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Sopranos episode 3
The Sopranos episode 3
Sunday, March 26, 2006
Time : 10:01 PM

Like I said last week, things are picking up.
Spoilers in comments.

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Comments for The Sopranos episode 3
Paulie Walnuts wacked in the nuts. That was quite a find after they killed those Columbians. They werent very happy about sharing it with Tony. I guess he'll have to keep clipping coupons. lol

Yes, it's picking up. I have to admit. I thought the scene where he was going into the family reunion was amazing ... with the "Daddy, Daddy" voices coming out of the dark. And the struggle with Steve Buscemi with the briefcase. Really great.

That was a great scene. It was nice to see Tony Blundetto sans shotgun pellets. Funny how he was the welcoming commitee after Tony was the one that pulled a Cheney on him.

awwwwwwww i always have to wait till monday to watch it so i'm STILL not going to read your comments (yet)

I can't get enough of this show. Last night was a great episode again.

I feel sorry for Meadow's fiance. ewww that guy gives me the chills.

I got chills when he heard his childrens voices in the trees.

Yes, much better episode this week. Loved that quote when he went to visit the pissed off monks and tried to tell them he wasn't Finnerty:

MONK: "Here we go. There's no fraud without a fairy tale."

Made me think of Bush...

same here Neil. thats exactly what I though.

great great episode. i LOVE the pissed off monks. i love how paulie and vito (i think that's his name, the boy lover who lost weight and thinks he can be the NEXT john gotti) are just GIANT asswipes

i love how cristafa thought up a mafia splatter horror movie.

i love tony's dream thoughts

i love how edie falco appears sans makeup and how she reamed ant-ney junior (she should NEVER have felt sorry afterwards. the kid is USELESS). i loved her going to see the dr and talking about knowing who and what tony was even before she married him.........

GOOD GOOD season so far. now if only furio would come back.............

I don't know about you dude...but the first episode was fantastic, and the last two were throw-away, at BEST.

All this family shit...Christopher comforting people, all the crying, all the dreaming...if I wanted to see this in my favorite tv show, I'd watch Guiding Light each day while I wait for my American Flag cookies to bake, like a good Republican house wife.

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