Left of Center: By Yukkione: Meet Sen. Joe Lieberman's Replacement
Meet Sen. Joe Lieberman's Replacement
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Time : 6:59 PM

This is Ned Lamont. He is running for the US Senate from Connecticut. He made Joe Lieberman mad. He said Joe Lieberman was Republican light. Ned Lamont is right, and he will beat Joe Lieberman. Thats what Joe gets for having his head up Bush's ass.

Ned Lamont is a successful business person and a true progressive Democrat. He would bring fresh energy, and a true sense of purpose to the Senate. I would encourage everyone to lend Ned Lamont your full support. Please visit his official website.

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Comments for Meet Sen. Joe Lieberman's Replacement
i met ned at a dinner-get together (well he didn't stay for dinner) BEFORE he actually declared his intentions.

he was 'new' at the game, but i liked what he had to say. i for one DO support him.

After Lieberman wins his primary, do I get to help the Kos Kiddies Nader him?

hehe yea sure.

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