Left of Center: By Yukkione: Andy Card resigns
Andy Card resigns
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Time : 8:46 AM

Andy Card resigned as Whitehouse chief of staff today. The average chief of staff stays in his position an average of two years. Mr. Card has been in place for five. He was considered one of the hardest working people in the Whitehouse as he was often the first person there in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. Mr Card will be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten. I guess the change shouldn't come as a surprise, but will mean little change in the Whitehouse. Cheney, and Rove will still be calling the plays, and Mr Bolton will be there to grease the wheels. There may be some other changes announced in the next month, but all is cosmetic in the Bush Whitehouse. What we really need is for Don Rumsfeld to step down, and for Satan to recall Cheney to the home office. Pictured is Card telling the President that an airplane has hit the world trade center, and that he should just keep reading. The situation is being "handled".
Was Andy Card know for his Pussiliency?

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Comments for Andy Card resigns
My first impulse is to call you an idiot.

But, that is even giving you too much.

I don't care that much for Bush myself or his evil staff (which are more to blame for the mistakes than he is, which is true in any org. corp. gov. where the "leader" has a staff and/or advisors.)

But that still does not make up for your ignorance.

Please take more time out of your day to do some study, bookwork and please make an effort to get your head out of your ass.

Oh, sorry didn't mean to make it personal.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Wow. That's a harsh, completely unsubstantiated comment.

Yeah, I see the Bolten appointment as leaving Rove/Cheney in charge, as well.

My question is why today? To take Iraq off the headlines? NSA hearings?

And, Card was almost crying at his press conference. Makes you wonder if he was pushed.


Wow,papa. So I'm ignorant? Why not tell me why you think so. Without Cards hard work, Bush probably would not have been reelected. Also to think that Dick Cheney is not the guy in charge is just ridiculous. To think that an empty suit like Bush could run the country and make all the decisions, when he has never run anything successfully in his whole life is beyond comprehension. I guess Bush isn't the only ass clown from Texas. next time you come here, engage in debate, not sophomoric name calling, I know better names than you do.. fuckwad.

I don't care what the politics of a given White House are, to put in the hours that Card did over the number of years he did, requires some sort of manic -- almost religious -- conviction. It just can't be healthy.

Oh, sorry didn't mean to make it personal.

I guess the letters i-d-i-o-t just accidentally fell from the keyboard, and the head/ass comment was likewise an involuntary reflex. Oops. (putz)

"...get your head out of your ass."

Um, excuse me poser but Yoda would have said:

"Out of ass, your head belong."

Fuck you, Papa Ray. Not for insulting LOC. But for misrepresenting Yoda.


Hey There LOC- WOW...your first Redneck- a proud moment in Blogger History....Shall we have a party to celebrate the passing of another fuckwad passing through before he goes to the next trailer park , how the hell does he have time to spew that shit without joking on pork rinds or spilling his Wild Turkey ? If he loves these criminals so much it is pretty simple- give him and orange vest and tell him to go huntin' with Unca Dick....

oh, I forgot..."spend more time with family" translates to "I need to meet with my lawyer".....

I thought I was your first redneck? Hmph.

I guess you say that to all the girls.

I wouldn't categorize him as a redneck. I go by the traditional definition. Being that a redneck is a hard working laborer, who may be uneducated, but is fair and has common sense. Calling papa a redneck does a disservice to rednecks. To take a page out of Lily's book, perhaps papa just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe his viagra ran out. Whatever the reason for his crankiness, all we can do is pray for him. A faith based troll eradication program.

Dick Cheney was just down here last week! Also today, we welcomed Caspar Weinberger-what a party!

LOC, I must say that I am in favor of your faith based initiatives!!

I'm Pat Robertson and I approve this message.

Lily book? Whats with the Lily book? Lew took a page from the Lily book yesterday with the "post model". Here's hoping its not Necronomicon.

When time permits LOC here is a link, we are doing a new google bomb (see boot- on pussiliency)
Join the struggle to give legitimacy to crass lily-linguistics. Earl Bockenfeld has graciously made the link. (He's great, I read him every day just about)

Lily, you may no longer have a book, as everyone keeps taking pages from it.
Also, Bush has never accepted Rumsfeld's resignation although Rumsfeld claims to have offered it to Bush several times. I'm with mikevotes, I think Card was pushed and used as a distraction form all the other stories coming out today.

I think he was pushed out as well. I can't wait to see what kind of medal they give him.

I was not trying to be offensive I actually went to the shithead's blog, he is VERYU proud of his redneck status...yeah, I don't like seeing Yoda misused....and I meant to say "choke" ,..not joke on a pork rind....oh, well....

it's like putting a bandaid (you know the TINIEST ones in the box) on a gushing artery

(and if papa is calling you an idiot and ignorant, WHY is he calling you an idiot and ignorant? he never said. which of course leads me to believe HE should make an effort to get HIS head out of HIS ass

papa ray does a disservice to rednecks everywhere.

In the "Thinking Good Thoughts" column today I was reading that Karl Rove may be cooperating with Patrick Fitzgerald and providing a bill of goods on Cheney in the outing of Plame/Wilson. Already he has help recover hundreds of email thought to have been erased. (Seems the people in Cheney's office just did not listen to Alberto when he told them not to do that kind of stuff. Reminds me of a missing 18 minutes in a tape.) The saving grace is the White House has an automatic backup archive. How nice.

On the downside the timing may be just right to let Condolooser into the White House to make a run in 2008.

I guess you can't have everything going your way.

OMG...I couldn't help myself and went to the blog too...there is a woman gyrating next to the flag looking like the state of Texas...what a thing to be proud of...? Ewww! LOL about the pork rinds!

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