Left of Center: By Yukkione: A truly worthless study
A truly worthless study
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Time : 10:18 PM

In a study of over 1,800 heart bypass patients, it was recently found that groups praying for the person had no effect. The prayers were conducted by Christian groups of Catholics and Protestants. The prayer group and the non prayer group recovered identically. Perhaps the prayers of close friends and family tainted the study. Perhaps they prayed to the wrong god. Maybe, Muslim prayers would have been better. Does Vishnu respond to heart bypass prayers more effectively? Maybe God was too busy ensuring the victory of one sports team over another. Or maybe God was busy seeing to the success of a hip hop artist ,and his latest song about the difficulties of being a pimp. Actually I think god was created by a group of bored, shrooming cave dwellers. “Dear God, please help me find a stick big enough to kill Grog. He eats to much, and he snores.”
Read about the study here.

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Comments for A truly worthless study
right on post man

Prayer, like meditation, can have a calming emotional effect... not on a disinterested third party, but on the one doing the praying. When one is at peace, their body can better recover.

...but it's not magic.

right -epm, while prayer and meditiation have measurable healthy effects on the body and mind. There is no magic from outside the body that tevels the ether and heals.

And according to the study, patients actually did worse if they knew strangers were praying for them!

thats right lew, funny eh?

Hey! That was just another goddamn scientific 'study', supported only by 'facts'. Everybody knows that prayer works! Looks who's president, for chrissakes! That didn't just happen by accident! When someone that dumb assumes office it MUST be because of prayer...

Why do cave dwellers always have names like Grog or Zog or Blog?

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