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The Petunia, life and everything else
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Time : 8:43 AM

RNAi may just be the key to curing some of the most harmful diseases that afflict mankind. The discovery of RNAi is revolutionizing thoughts on the treatment and progressive outcome of many illnesses and genetic maladies because it addresses the root cause of the problem and simply like a light switch turns it off. The amazing thing about the study of RNAi is that it all started with a flower.

Not long ago, a geneticist was brought into a company that wanted to produce a darker purple Petunia. The result would sell better, and be a financial winner for the company. Rich Jorgenson thought that if he simply added another “purple gene” to the Petunia plant, then it would produce darker purple flowers. To his amazement the plant then produced all white flowers. How can this be? What he then discovered is a process that may change medicine forever.

What is RNAi? According to
Wilkipedia: Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a nucleic acid polymer consisting of covalently bound nucleotides. RNA nucleotides contain ribose rings and uracil unlike deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which contains deoxyribose and thymine. It is transcribed from DNA by enzymes called RNA polymerases and further processed by other enzymes. RNA serves as the template for translation of genes into proteins, transferring amino acids to the ribosome to form proteins, and also translating the transcript into proteins.
The i in RNAi stands for interference. So basically RNA is the checker that tells the cell what it can copy. It proof reads bits of genetic code.

So why is this important? As with the study of the Petunia, the RNA saw that a piece of genetic code was wrongly duplicated. The “purple code”, had been duplicated, and the RNA saw this as a mistake. It did this because it follows simple rules. Many diseases give the cell bad genetic information and the RNA fails to recognize it. However, by following the principles of RNAi, geneticists can introduce a twin code, which would cause the RNA to react as it should, rejecting the bad code and thus eliminating the disease. Of course this “nutshell” explanation is overly simplified, but I think it gives you the general idea behind the incredible implications behind RNAi therapy. There is a lot of great info and a segment of the original NOVA broadcast here.


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Why is there no code interference for the copy of fuckwaddery?

And why did you not incorporate the campaign against Pussiliency in such an obviously perfect idea-mesh? You dare reject my evil plan?Do you not think pussiliency can be eventually combatted by using genetic modification of pre-existing political brain tissue?

Thank you for the wonderful post...I love it when beauty is combined with science...and taken to a different place....It is why science books can calm the soul..it is a very zen thing...thanks

( and my apologies for being a grouch on the 911 post...)


Oh yeah. Pretty petunia.

Sadly, I am not a very zen person. But dammit if I'm not working on it...My brain is too hyperactive to ever get into a place of calm. I miss the petunias for the garden.

Sorry for my grouchiness too, LOC.

I dont mind grouchiness ladies. I find tempermental women stimulating.. lol ask Amy. Lily, I'll work the pussulince in some way. You can be hyperactive and blissfull at the same time. It's all in the flow of the energy not the speed.

"flow of energy and not the speed"....
whelp, then I guess I can still lust for a fast car to ease my soul ? ( cause I still want a porsche...maybe if I don't drive it tooooo fast)

( hey we all have fantasies- right?)

thanks for forgiving the Ladies of Grouchdom....
(hmm, even though I ain't no lady....)

I'm surprised that whoever discovered this didn't patent it so they can keep anyone else from using it.

Say, do you suppose there's any way I can get a complete DNA transfusion? They talk about how you can fix your DNA, but never if you can just go into a garage and get a complete DNA change.

hmm I have my freinds over for a wine and cheese party, and they bring beer and nachos... my kind if people

I heard they were going to use testicle cells instead of stem cells for rightwing dogmatic implantation reasons. There is really cool science news at scicentral.com. All kind of cool breakthroughs.

WINE AND CHEESE! You did work pussiliency into the conversation!!

I just did that Friday. Hope you got to a Sierra Club Exxon Valdez mingle!

I'm with Enigma on the fast car thing- I think the most peace came to me driving way too fast alone on roads with music slamming my brain around. Nobody can yell at you, annoy you, attack you, trip you, spill anything on you, call you, bug you...privacy. Just me, music, and a car.

OK and lights flashing and sirens...there's that.


"Why is there no code interference for the copy of fuckwaddery?"

Hoooooooooo Agggggghhhhhhh!

Porsche...been there done that...no big deal...you haven't missed out on anything...a car is a car is a car. LOC...most extremely interesting post.

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