Left of Center: By Yukkione: Bush power grab
Bush power grab
Sunday, March 26, 2006
Time : 4:45 PM

Two serious issues came to mind as I pondered what to post about. There is a shocking escalation to the violence and savagery in Iraq. This “low grade” civil war is traumatizing the entire population. The other issue of concern is the presidential practice of using signing statements. Given that one effects US citizens directly and the other is being perpetrated on Iraqis by Iraqis, I'll talk about signing statements.

What is a signing statement and why is it so important? A signing statement is a legal note that a President attaches to a law passed by congress that explains his view of the laws intent. It might even explain that he has the right not to follow the law. The “legalese” is quite convoluted and messy so you can read more here. President Bush has signed many of these (as have other presidents) two of which are particularly disturbing. The first of these concerns the McCain Feingold torture amendment. Bush claims he can choose not to follow it. The second is the Patriot act. Our naive representatives thought they could ensure our privacy and give oversight to the surveillance powers that were given in the act. However through his use of signing statements, the President has circumvented these protections and declares himself above the law. Our Senate and Congress has given up there power as a separate but equal branch of our government. They have pledged loyalty to their party, and have dismissed their oath of office. The only thing that stands in George Bush's way now is the two term limit, but I suspect we're only one well timed act of terrorism away from that being changed as well. With this in mind I encourage you to read this piece by Bill Moyers.

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Excellent interview with Amy Goodman on CSPAN this morning, and she briefly touched on the ways the President has retreated from the law both domestically and internationally, particularly in the case of the military's participation and those countries that benefit from the US military presence who have been pressured to also withdraw from treaties... I always think of Neil's post about the signing statement and his bills... remember that LOC? Funny, he is.

Hey there...
I wanted to give you a Heads Up go to Morning Martini- she has News on the Russ:Censure Front-
we have work to do this week...

( great post btw...and kind of scary..errie..and true..shit)

Blog on Brother...Blog on...

good post ... the signing statement really is as worthless as a piece of toilet paper in some ways ... it's just a paper middle finger directed at the constitution ... but I guess that's all it takes for a tyrant to justify his misdeeds...

Yup, what an interesting gimmick.

Well, there is H.J.RES.24, sponsored by Steny Hoyer to repeal the 22nd amendment.The upside to this is that Bill Clinton could run again and KICK BUSH'S ASS

enigma4ever named it accurately a few weeks ago. What we have here is a King in the White House and a Congress that has acquiesed in this arrangement which takes us back into history before our Revolution, before the Magna Carta, even. And we have a Democratic party too wimpy to even slap the King on the wrist.

Or do we have a Fuhrer? Your accompanying photo was right on.

nice lew, what a great scenario to really pull the country to peices.. lol
Anarchy in the USA, it's coming some time it might be!

the photo? I made it myself down in the propaganda lab. I have a staff of hundreds working around the clock.

Wow Newsguy said I as accurate....hmm, that's nice...
so Shilly- I am great at spewing shit at random and smiling on command- can I have a job in the Propaganda Lab ???

Lew might have a good point about Clinton running again. With so many Bush voters jumping ship and independents looking for someone else to vote for, he'd probably have a good chance at winning. Ah...one can only dream.

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