Left of Center: By Yukkione: Leiberman Loses! Yes!
Leiberman Loses! Yes!
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Time : 7:59 AM

Connecticut senator Joe Leiberman lost to Ned Lamont in the primary election on Tuesday. great news for progressives like myself. However, I just watched a morning after video with Leiberman on CNN, and as expected Joe is going to run as an independent. He says America needs him... that the Democratic party needs him. Bullshit! We don't need a Bush apologists in office. We don't need a republican lite. Time after time Joe has stymied progressive legislation and stood shoulder to shoulder with Republicans. No more! I will be writing my Democratic leadership to see that he is stripped of any leadership roles he has. This is important because he no longer represents the Democratic majority. Joe's ego is spinning out of control and like the beheaded king seconds after his head leaves his body, his brain can't process the fact that it's over. It's over Joe!

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I can'tr believe that the Dems keep serving up Republicans in sheeps clothing, thinking that is what we will vote for. At some point the light bulb will have to go on. True Progressives won't vote for someone that doesn't promote their values. Someday...

Yea Will, perhaps the Soma has worn off. man, seeing all the old guard Democratic talking heads crapping themselves in interviews today is great.

I can'tr believe that the Dems keep serving up Republicans in sheeps clothing, thinking that is what we will vote for.

Believe it. The Dems are a fake opposition party. They are supported, funded, and are friends with the same corporate terrorists as the so called opposition party. They say one thing and vote another which just happens to be the exact same way the so called opposition party votes. It is all part of the master plan to keep rich corporate terrorist business people in power and turn the rest of us into a slave race that serves them.

If you want real change and don't want to be turned into a slave race go Green.

If Lieberman truly believed in democracy, he would listen to the voice of the people and step aside, but he must have found it hard to give up twenty six years of perks to be an ordinary citizen that actually has to accomplish something to earn their keep.

Lew said it best...Lieberman has been put on notice.

The guy has no pride. He could walk away now and be remembered for what his time in the Senate was all about. Now he looks like a whining loser, which by the way is what he is.

Hopefully he will come to his senses. If Rove offered him help, that's all we need to know. I don't think too many people are going to vote for someone that bush is cheerleading for.

OT, how are you feeling these days?

Leib is sooo washed up. I hear Walmart is hiring greeters.....

If Lieberman had any integrity, what Lew said. However, he didn't represetnt he majority who elected him in the first palce.

Wicked that was great. He would make a great greater..raising his fiest on mock defiance..."HAVE A GREAT SHOPPING EXPIERIENCE!"
Lew you did put it right... so sad to see him. He truely is pathetic

I am all for exposing wobbly types wherever they are. I'm not sorry to see Lieberman out. Next: Lincoln Chafee. Oh yeah, baby. After him, Maria Cantwell. And we'll have to look at Olympia Snowe after her.

Hopefully someone will counter the recent Republican message as "a defeat for Lieberman is a win for alQaeda". The media certainly isn't.

Perfect campaign by Lamont. He matched every contribution $-$. Acted like a mensch and never wavered or tried to finesse any viewpoint: out-of-Iraq, Single-Payer Health Insurance, Pro-Choice, Anti-Death Penalty, Anti Ptriot Act.

Didn't hurt that he's nice looking fellow with an attractive wife and family, while Lieberman looks like he lost a hydro-chloric acid fidght! Also, very cool that Ms. Lamont is a top-flight money manager and that his family has always been instrumental in creating organizations for social change.

Even cooler is that the corrupt St. Lieberman will go to his grave with less than 1% of the Lamont family's net worth.

you should see some of da liebs new commercials. they are enough to make one puke their guts up

da liebs is an embarrassment at this point. he just does NOT get it. we do NOT want him. he lost fair and square.

I think we can also take heart in the fact that people are perhaps coming around to actually insisting that politicians at least PRETEND to take notice of what the people want. yes, it was a referendum on the war and on Leebs. But I also choose (trying to be optimistic) to see it is a needed breakthrough in this absurd disconnect between elected officals and the constituents that hire them and pay them...but forget to hold their feet to the fire.

People like Lieberman need to be told that they serve the people and not themselves. What a concept.

And what do you guys think of term limits? Is this another example for the need or what?

Thank you, Citisucks, by the way. Tell it!!!

Rose wrote a great post at Peace Train site about Lamont.

I'd rather hear politicians tell us why they need us rather than the other way around! That'd be something.

That WOULD be something. Would make a great pay-per-view special.

Or maybe Geraldo could be there live.

The problem is, he has a really good chance of winning as an independent. I think the Dems have forgoten what they have done. The Republicans are already planning to run a weakling as Joe being in there pocket, on the other side of the isle is very valuable. I mean, look at their flagship FOX News, its all great words about Liberman. A whole lot of moderates and conservatives, as well as fencesitting dems are going to vote for him in the real election. To count him out is a mistake.

The latest polls are showing him ahead but I don't believe he'll win. He's too cozy with the White House. It will backfire.

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