Left of Center: By Yukkione: I'm Back!
I'm Back!
Monday, July 03, 2006
Time : 6:07 AM

Yes indeed! After what seems like an eternity away from my LOC heads I have come stumbling back from the edge of oblivion. You see, a spinal disk in my lower lumbar had decided to be Republican light. It had dried up, calcified, and broken into sharp little pieces. My surgeon said one piece even looked a little like Joe Leiberman. Not only had the pain in my back been getting worse, but I kept getting strange thoughts about blindly supporting this war President. It had to go. I was able to find just the man to help me in the person of one Dr. Small. ( who actually stands about 6'7") Once the offending disk was removed, a semi permeable plastic donut was added to replace it, the center was stuffed with pieces of bone that had been carefully removed from my own vertebrae. This was done in order to allow the two vertebrae the disk was between to fuse together and will over time become one bone. Sometimes getting the right results is a painful and messy process. Recovering the Democratic party from the pussilient, aristocracy of do nothings will be too, but it has to be done. Next, they inserted two titanium screws into each vertebrae and each was secured to the one vertical to it with a titanium rod. (am I a cyborg now? my kids think so..) See, once the ground work for real change is laid, there has to be strong means by which to maintain it. We don't want any creeping Hillarytosis, Reidisis, or Pelosifever, to mess things up. it's going to take about6 weeks for my incisions and tissue to heal, and about another six months for my spine to fully fuse. Already I don't feel the pain I once did, so I'm so grateful for that.

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Comments for I'm Back!
how wonderful! (i mean the surgery is done and you're well on your way to recovery).

remember now if you have to wear those HORRID stockings (not sure you do) WEAR THEM.

welcome back

Glad to hear your surgery went well. Hopefully the recovery time won't be too long or painful.

And yes, you ARE a cyborg now. But that's ok, there's nothing wrong with that. Many cyborgs prefer to think of themselves as "bionic" instead. You are better than you once were - better...faster...stronger....

Anyway, good to hear you're feeling better.

Ewww, you had traces of Leebs in your spine???

And Simple Chronic Hillarytosis?

if you were having such scary thoughts, why did you not share them? About supporting Bush? We could have done an intervention!

This truth makes me wary of you. You are Left of Bone Filled Center.

Left of Bionic Center. Donut man.

I wish I could have some surgery...I'm afraid I am too bad a case....

Welcome back LOC.

Thanks all! Oh Rose. While in the hospital I wore pnumatic leggings that inflated and deflated randomly all the time I was in bed. But I kept myself up and walking so much they didnt get to plug them in much. "eh, Leebs in your spine" lol! Sorry emascuman, if I had had any viable bits left, I would have donated them to your cause.

Glad to hear you're doing better. Just try not to be too ambitious and commit to doing 100 sit-ups every morning just yet. Heal quickly!

I do appreciate the hypothetical offer of bits.

Hopefully in your drug induced state you weren't seduced by the dark side of the force. You may have to answer some grueling questions so that we'll know that you are your old self. First off...did your voice get breathy and resonate deeply...and did little rodents run away from your caped shadow? Glad to have you back LOC!

Reading your description of the surgery, all I could think of was how much PAIN you must be in. But if you feel better, well, thats just wonderful!

We're glad you are back, more or less in one piece.

Yes- I think he should answer some questions so we can ascertain if he has succumbed to the dark side..

That is great nmews my friend! I am very happy to hear it!

A donut, eh? I guess you can now truly claim to be a Donut Hole Left of Center!

I'm sorry... That's a surgeon's joke...at least it sounds like one.

Not too funny... but then surgery never is.

Peace and happy 4th!

Dude! I'm glad to hear the tricky part is over. You know it's gonna take some time, but I'm really glad you're already started on the recovery.

Here's hoping the Dems move in the same direction, LoC.


LOC ... glad you're back!! And even more glad that things worked out ok on the medical front.

Take it slow, though. We certainly don't want to hear that you're heading back for more surgery.

Because that will make us cry.


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