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Post For Peace!
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Time : 8:08 AM

I'm really tempted to start out this post for peace with making a negative statement. I want to say how lazy and complacent todays Americans are. How fat, pussielient, ego driven, and self serving we have become. "Cell phone zombies." Zombies who don't think about death and destruction done on our behalf. Many of these folks cannot be reached.
The appeal for peace can be made in so many ways, to so many kinds of people. Some people are moved by thoughts and images of the peace rallies of the 60's and 70's. Some are motivated on a spiritual or religious level that demands in every grain of their being that they fight for peace. Others are humanists that believe in the innate right of every person to live free, and not be driven under the treads of tanks. Of course most of us have numerous reasons to promote peace, and we must remember when trying to reach those still uncommitted that their reasons to get motivated may be different. Some may be appalled by the actual cost of the war and the billions of dollars missing and unaccounted for. Some people have no knowledge of how many Iraqis we have killed in order to “liberate” them. My point is when speaking about peace, know your audience... know what would motivate them. We need all the help we can get. What have you done today? (without a call to action all your words are for naught)

Post for Peace is a blogathon. You can see the scores of other posters of at Glendas.

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Mention the word "draft" and I think some ears would perk up real fast.

So how are you? Are you feeling better? I surely hope so. :)


Need a reason? got a list of links over at unbrainwashed. But even after all that, there are still people who support it. I call them profiteers!

thanks Pop
Awesome Lew. I hadnt made it that way yet. Still really limited to time sitting at pc.

With all the participants involved we're bound to reach many. Peace.

I know what you mean about those who refuse to think this thing through. I have a cousin who still supports Bush and his brain is locked shut. I may submit his children and grandchildren's names to the recruiter as prime targets, but...

wow. so beautifully truthfully written. and done while recuperating. Thanks, LoC.

Great post for the Peace blogathon :)

true, action is of course a necessary component.

Your post was interesting. We took almost opposing perspectives in that I argued that peace was a battle, an argument, that we carry on only with ourselves. If it convinces others along the way, so be it, but when you're arguing with yourself I guess it's easy to "know your audience".

Thought provoking. Thanks.

I ssimply wrote from the perspective of what I've been most of my life.. a salesman.

I thought it was perfection. Happy 4th...and pop those pain pills dude!

Give them a copy of Howard Zinn's a "Peoples history of the United States".

Good post- right, let's not forget the salesman aspect.

Glad to be part of the Post for Peace too... great blog.

Roll on Peace Train!
Bring your banners!
Bring your warble on by!
Roll on!
Roll on Peace Train!
Warble your bravery to the sky!
Roll on!
Roll on!
Roll on!
Roll on!
Roll on!
Roll on!

Peace, LOC! Nice post!

i'm too self absorbed to think of how to approach others on the subject of peace. i believe i am right (on at least that track) and i'm way too stubborn to give in (on that subject). however, i do see your point.

With all of our voices, with all of our strength and conviction - why does it seem we make little or no headway? It is as if the White Witch reigns supreme. Frost has replaced so many hearts; and as for minds? They seem held in thrall. I still hope and I will always do - but I must admit it gets mighty disheartening at times. We always seem to be preaching to the choir.

LOC, interesting point of view. I often feel the same way myself. Although, to be brutally honest (with myself -- which is probably the hardest form of honesty) it might be argued that I fit more into the category of 'cell phone zombie' than 'peace activist' ... but thanks to you and people like Glenda (and Dude and Jeff and Lily and Earlbro ....) I can get some sense knocked into me from time to time.

Keep up the good work. And take care of yourself !!

Anita, I dont think I buy that about you.

Here's the thing: part of the problem with peace is that very often people even within the peace movement cant seem to get it together to resolve things peacefully among themselves. As I said at TBR, I think there has to be a component of personal commitment. I am NOT saying for the sake of peace we permit ouirselves to be abused.
But peaceful interaction requires a skill set.

I would agree, most people are so wrapped up in their techo-cocoon that they are vaguely aware of the world around them, be it their cell phone or their iPod. The crooks will keep getting away with it as long as the victims aren't paying attention.

In your opinion, what is worth fighting for?

Is there ever a reason for war?

Are you protesting just this war in Iraq, or all wars for all time?

If this country were invaded Rino, and I did'nt like the invaders agenda, then I would fight tooth and nail. (what if the invader was better that whatever government we had at the time?) What if Canada or Britain were attacked by another country? Then yes I would want us to go to their aid. But i will not support this state of perpetual war against nebulous enemies that can always be concocted just to keep power in the hands of the unitary executive.

Actually Rhino, if you study "just war" theory you will see that many societies and religions have been able to develop some very rational views on what constitutes the "moral" or justified taking of lives. Most religions have contemplated this, and have criteria. Its not a black white issue, that you must be for all war or against all war. And wars evolve just as reasons evolve, and our understanding of purpose.
  • Posted at 2:14 AM | By Anonymous Elizabeth

Great post. Very interesting take. Peace.

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