Left of Center: By Yukkione: Whats Murthas Plan?
Whats Murthas Plan?
Monday, June 26, 2006
Time : 9:19 AM

Congressman Murtha has been a very vocal advocate of getting our troops out of Iraq. He wants to post a lot of them nearby so they can be used as a reaction force when requested by the Iraqis themselves. I like the idea. Murtha is a former officer, and a long time member of Congress. He is respected by both Democrats and Republicans as a staunch supported of the military, and more specifically, the soldiers themselves. I'm starting to wonder... does Murtha have Presidential aspirations? Does he have wide enough support with moderates and pro military conservatives. He is also by the way a budget conservative. Republicans are already starting a swiftboat style of attack on him. Is their attack more than a defense of their own failed policy in Iraq? Are they preemptively weakening him as a presidential candidate? The media allowed Republicans to attack former Senator Max Cleland. Is this more of the same?

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I doubt very seriously Murtha has any Presidential aspirations.

Having said that, I would support a real war hero over any Republican chickenhawk.

Better Murtha than Hilary.


true hype...what gives you doubt?

He has never stated any intentions or has the support of the DLC.


I think Murtha just wants to right a serious wrong, one that is close to his heart. Whatever, attacking him is the worst mistake they could make.

Now Shill I am tired of speculation every time somebody speaks their bitch that it must be from a place of self interest-Prez run??? (well or they want to sell a book) I do not think he has presidential aspirations as the time seems to have come and gone for that. I think he, unlike the pussilient asstards around him, just speaks out of conscience.
Murtha's idea is not to "cut and run" as they portray it. It is to "Cut and thereby empower" the Iraqis to self determine. Is it time to let them step up and transition? There are former members of the military, what is the status of their loyalty? I dont think we can just pull out and leave a mess. But I also dont like the idea of a perpetual presence.

I really like Murtha. I hope he is able to achieve that Speaker position he says he wants if Congress turns Democratic this November. I hope it does for a myriad of reasons; not the least of which would be having someone so much like Sam Rayburn in charge.

Speaker yes thats it. I neglected to mention that, thanks lady

I like murtha!!!
Don't care what he does, how about Secretary of Defense?

aTheir attacks on Murtha show what little disregard they have for our veterans, and by extension, the troops themselves.

Myself I will be voting Green Party. As far as I am concerned neither mainstream party deserves or will get my vote. I refuse to waste my vote on a fake opposition party.

I agree. Mr. Nasty. And as much as I think neither party deserve the vote, the Greens are not doing much either in my observations - they might have principles, but organizing? The last Presidential election was absurd with the safe state strategy when Cobb ran.

Citisucks, have you been to the caucuses? Just curious.

i just came from a local yocal website trying to "frag" my boy....what a joke these guys are. Now they are trying to say that someones service doesn't mean jack shit and just because they served doesn't give them the right to be able to speak out the way the do

collus of rhodey I have a link on my sight...I would appreciate someone giving the lovely blogger a little taste

My own opinions on Mr Murtha have been set down elsewhere, but I will reiterate that he is an honorable gentleman who is engaging in public debate, as a legislator should; and regardless of what we-all think, it is up to his own constituents to retire him if they don't like him. This conservative says, Speak on.

great sentiments Pod. Right on.

I don't know why all the dems aren't standing next to Murtha. I don't know if I can forgive them for the way they let him hang

Anyone who tells the truth about anything is a target for this administration. Truth is their worst enemy, because their whole intent has been based on a mountain of lies.

I'll be gonr till Sunday for my surgery. Thanks for all the comments and I'll see you then.. (god , four days without internet!)

Good luck, and take good care of yourself.

Good luck LOC...rest.

I'll be thinking about you and looking forward to your return when you feel good again

all the hand wringing is so one sided. as bill hicks said either you care about everyone or you care about no one


I love that the FL paper had to retract their anti-Murtha story. They claimed he made a quote that he never made (he instead was merely citing a new poll about international opinion of America) and the MYTHICAL "liberal media" smeared Murtha and claimed he actually said the anti-American things. What maroons... to quote Bugs.

Hope all is well with you, and that your pain will finally be taken care of.

The real John Murtha...

Tina is damn right about the MYTHICAL liberal media...its certainly not true anymore...

rest up, LoC. We're thinking of you, my friend.

The Greens are doing a lot of organizing. Unfortunetly we are constantly hampered by lies about the Green Party told by both Republicans and Democrats. In Colorado there are frequent Green Party events and a internet list to keep us informed about the events which can be anything from a protest to a fundraiser. If you live in Colorado (or any where else) we would love you to have you come and check out the Green Party and see what standing for issues looks like. For more info see http://www.gp.org.

I don't know if I can forgive them for the way they let him hang

Don't waste your time forgiving them until the next shocker. Go Green.

left of center,
I hope your surgery goes/went well and I hope you don't have too many internet withdrawals symptoms.

Um, I am a state coordinator actually. I do not rely on lies from the Republicans or anybody else. I rely on what I participate in, and have attended the caucus meetings, platform meetings, and have been in the candidate/ballot process.

I disagreed with the safe states strategy. WHy have a third party that cahnnot decide whether it wants to help the Dems or push the envelope on progressive issues?

Again, I have my opinions because I have worked for the party for years. Not because of propaganda. I know some greens in colorado too, not many.

Well let me specific about what I mean by lies/myths being spread by both the Democrats and Republicans about the Greens:

Myth/Lie 1: The Green Party causes Democrats to loose. The Green Party did not stop the Democrats from “winning” the elections. It was racist voting technology that stole the right to vote from numerous minority people that cost the election. In fact, evidence shows the number of people who were denied voting rights in Florida, is larger than the number of people who voted Green. In fact, it was the Green Party that insisted that the votes be recounted and that be fix the voting technologies, while the Democrats and Republicans both agreed to let the technology that denies minorities votes stay. Besides this it is the Demcrats and Republicans, who are similar and the Green Party is the opposition party to the two other parties.

Myth/Lie 2: The Green Party cannot win. The Green party currently has approximately 229 people in office. It is only the believe that the Green Party cannot win and the loss of votes due to this that stops the Green Party from winning even more elections.

Myth/Lie 3: Republicans and Democrats are opposition parties. Both are based on a white rich male power structure. In fact if you look a a comparision chart(http://www.therealdifference.org/issues.html) between Republican, Democrats, and Green you will find the only real opposition party is the Greens.

More so let me ask you this. If you constantly have to babysit and be shocked by the actions of those in your own party is it really the right party for you? With the Green party I don't have to be shocked or sickened by the actions of my own party, unlike when I used to be a Democrat.

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