Left of Center: By Yukkione: I'm Back!
I'm Back!
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Time : 2:45 PM

God I hate Verizon...Long Story. Needless to say they didn't like us switching our phone service to Vonage.... The bastards!

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My brother just changed back from Vonage to Verizon - same thing. It took months to get his phone number free.

Oh no, we changed to Vonage.. Then when we had a bill dispute with Verizon they turned off our internet service.

Thank goodness! I was worried about you!

Long live Skype!

But do your calls get dropped? I recently have had a problem with dropped calls (like the commercial) or my phone is screwed up. I hate when I have something new and it doesn't work right...and then I have to do all the fieldwork to make it right.

That was just the nicest of nice surprises to see a comment from you at MM. This is going to be a very GOOD day!


I switched to TCAS- Two
Cans And a String. So far the connection is pretty good, but the long distance is way too expensive and time consuming...

welcome back LOC !! i was worried ...


i've actually had pretty good service in general from verizon (land and cell lines). although my internet service (at home) is from optonline.

My brother works for Verizon,and hates it.

so glad that you are back..and was worried you were lying on the floor down there...recovering but in agony..glad that you are okay...and oh, yeah, fuck verizon...

better s**tty phone/internet service than s**tty health. welcome back

Welcome back. Verizon sucks. Glad you're okay.

thanks all..very appreciated

Good Evening LOC! Thought I would stop by and say hello.
Yea Verizon is fun. I advertise with them and are still fighting with them over a silly bill from a year ago.That was during the year they were 3 months late with the yellow pages.

But then it's not just Verizon, Allstate, the big corporate centers know how to draw up a killer contract and screw you in the end. But not me, without a fight.
Anyway peace.

Are you?

You doing OK? I really hope the pain has lessened. I know how slow recovery can be. Just take it easy. Nice to have you back, my dear.

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