Left of Center: By Yukkione: Whats up with Israel?
Whats up with Israel?
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Time : 10:23 AM

Feeling much better today and more my old happy/pissed off self! My doc got me on some steroids and the pain is way down. Speaking of pain... what the hell is up with Israel? What is up with the media and all the western governments who are making excuses for the bombing of civilians and the crossing of borders by the Israeli military? The US is so behind most every other country in getting our people out of Lebanon, and then to say they need to pay back the government to stay on the ship. (looks like this may have changed but we will see) The problem here is language... the word defense has been distorted beyond comprehension. Of course Israel has the right to defend herself against attack. But bombing civilian areas, and perpetrating a non stop fear campaign on two civilian populations has nothing to do with defense of their country. Yes those soldiers were abducted, but abduction are deal with by negotiation and good detective/ special operation work. Hezbollah is not Al Queda! They condemn the tactics and disregard for life that Al Queda displays. Sure they are not “choir boys”, but they were created in a time when Israel was occupying their land. What we need is an end to the missiles and artillery on both sides. International peace keepers need to be sent in and those soldiers need to be returned. This madness has to stop.

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Hey, glad to see you up and round. Word from mom, don't overdo it!

Yeah, those bastardos!!!

This is wrong in so many ways. Little girls signing messages of love on obviously phallic missiles? Maybe surviving Lebanese children can make a game out of picking up the shrapnel and piecing together the messages. Of course, they may have to go to the morgue to retrieve the hunks in dear old Uncle Ghawi.

glad you are feeling a little better ... sickening picture ... children happily signing ordinance like a classmates cast ... having been taught the lesson that those who will die are all worthless all the enemy ... even if they are little girls just like them ...

Isn't that cute? Can I get you all to join me in a rousing chorus of "Napalm sticks to little kids, light it, light it. Light it and watch it burn, light it and watch it burn. Napalm sticks to little kids...."

Sung to the tune of Doodah Doodah.

Well, the first part of your post sure is good news. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. You're feeling better and I'm smiling more often.

The only hope I see for any sanity is getting these bastards out of the white house and into prison where they belong. Anyone who takes a country into a war based on a lie is a criminal in my book.

Israel is doing this with the neocons' blessing. We just sit back and watch innocent people on both sides being killed. Meanwhile more and more innocent people are being killed in Iraq. America has lost it's heart and soul.

glad that you are better...and pissed off..and yup...the Isreal Neocon mess is sure enough to bother all of us...
what a mess...keep blogging it.

disgusting sign-of-the-times picture. what are those girls learning? what will they be teaching? and how many will actually survive into adulthood?

Yeah, this is definitely a WTF picture.

I agreed with your post up until the part about sending in
"international peace keepers." We don't need any more of the food-for-sex business as has been happening in Africa. Now, if they could be talked into running a food-for-munitions racket ...

What do you mean by that? To exchange for their weapons?

i'm just glad you're feeling a bit better. i hope in time (a SHORT time) you feel ALL the way better

Happy to hear you're feeling better, and I have this picture of these lil Israeli girls too, and I just cannot imagine what kind of parent encourages or allows their child to sign a bomb. Honestly... depraved indifference to fellow human beings is not an endearing quality one encourages in children.

Hope you'll be feeling better real soon. I went through something like this a while back, and it amazed me that so many doctors could so ill-prepare me for the aftermath.

Bill I think you'll enjoy my latest rant at Amerikan Turk. Exerpt:
"...recent reaction to the kidnapping of two soldiers is akin to an infant poking a pit bull in the nose, and getting it's face ripped off for it."

I don't know why I just called you Bill.. Am I close? Sorry about that.

He's not Bill. I'm Bill!

He's not Bill. I'm Bill!

Hey there LOC...Shilly..be sure to stop by Morning Martini- Pissed Off Patrica-POP, she has a great blog and it is another Florida person ...just thought I would introduce you two...

LOC --- really glad you're on the road to recovery !! but you must definitely take it easy on yourself. no shooting hoops for awhile ... (not even sure you're into shooting hoops, but just thought i'd advise you against it in case you were !!).

and yes, that picture definitely sickening ... i can't even think about this stuff any more.


"International peace keepers need to be sent in and those soldiers need to be returned."

The last time the United States did this in 1983, the Party of God (the Hezb'Allah) killed 241 American peacekeepers.

"This madness has to stop."

I agree. It is time for the Religion of Peace to give peace a chance for a change. This will not happen since Hamas, the Hezb'Allah, and Islamic Jihad have the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL as their publically stated goal. You cannot negotiate with terrorist organizations and the nations that harbor them.

Doesn't Patricia of Morning martini comment here almost every day?

She's on this page!

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Hey, are you still feeling better. I'm worried because you haven't been writing and I'm afraid you are sick again. Please let me be wrong.

I miss you

PoP - he is better today, got some new meds this morning. He will be back up and running in no time. Thank you for your concern!

Thanks Amy!I'll talk to you, send our best wishes and concern!

Yeah...I'm here too checking up on you. Can't keep a good man down... so don't watch the news...it will just disturb you and make you twitchy...you know...not good for the back...no sir.

just checking in and wishing you well mr shilliday.

You are SOOOOOO right, Hezbollah is not like Al Qaeda....they are just a lot worse and better funded.

Did you forget the dead Marines in Lebonanon? Did you forget Kobar (sp?) Towers? Or how about 6 years of firing missiles into Israel? But oh no, you liberals will excuse all that.

Israel is defending herself, the kidnapping and killing of Israeli soldiers was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's horrible that Lebanese civilians are killed, I agree with that. Unfortunately many of them are forced by Hezbollah to stay in places likely to be bombed.

What you all seem to be ignoring is that Hezbollah OWNS southern Lebanon, it's like a state within a state. You are also ignoring UN resolution 1559, which called for the disarming of Hezbollah and the Lebanese government was too chicken to do it.

Hezbollah is funded by Iran, armed by Iran with Syria's help. Do you really think they would just stop their terrorism? If you do, I'd like to sell you a piece of ocean property in Arizona. You don't seem to get it, people. Islamafaschists will never stop trying to kill Jews and anyone else that does not agree with their corrupted interpretation of the Koran.

You should be grateful to Israel for doing their part in the world's fight against terrorism, not many other countries are. If these fanatics are not stopped, you might be next!!!!

But I don't expect you lefties to understand logic...I know I'm blowing in the wind here.

Yes, and there are so many examples where killing has stopped terrorism.

So many examples where two sides -both in the wrong in many ways- are best served by blowing one another up.

Then what? Hezbollah regroups, rebuilds, and then what? Who else helps the Lebanese people? Its no mystery why they were not disarmed.

This is not a black/white issue at this point, where one side has the moral high ground. Neither do.

Thank you so much, Amy. I didn't notice your comment until today. My bad!

Please tell him I'm thinking about him and sending bundles of good wishes to him each time he crosses my mind, which is often. :)

God suffers the little children unto Him as we suffer unto us the neocon mindset upon the children, our children, of the earth.

PoP - you are very welcome. I am smiling at all the wonderful things y'all have said to him about his health and I know he misses you. He is damn tired of talking to me, that's for sure - on this issue in Lebanon, for ONCE, we actually agree, and it's rather boring for him to not have an argument! He should be back up online very soon...

Blah blah... what a bunch of shit is happening in the world, and me out of commission.

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