Left of Center: By Yukkione: Syd Barrett: Pink Floyd Founder Dies
Syd Barrett: Pink Floyd Founder Dies
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Time : 11:44 AM

Syd Barrett, at the age of 60 died several days ago. He had been born Roger Keith Barrett, but was know as just Syd. Barrett retired early from Pink Floyd because of mental health problems and to a lesser degree drugs. Syd wrote song such as Emily Play and Bike. His songs contained childlike lyrics and were musically diverse.

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"The Wall" - both album and film are works of art that chronicle madness - its origins and eventual outcomes. In the film, when the room is dissected and then carefully reassembled - you see that all the pieces are, in actuality, there. It's the order that's royally fucked up. I'm sorry to hear that Barrett died. His was a sensitive soul unable to cope with life’s day to day. I guess that in the end those pieces would never line up.

very true. like VanGogh, and so many other artists.

The Wall, however, was not about Syd (that was Wish You Were Here, particularly, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"). The movie was a jumbled mess ("Who cares what it's about as long as the kids go"-"Not Now John"-The Final Cut). Still, for the brevity of his musical output, Syd still was able to cast a long shadow of influence on many generations of musicians and artists.

I saw every concert PF did from their first visit to the US for 20 years. Syd of course was long gone by then..

I blogged about his passing as well.

yes, shine on you crazy diamond was about Syd...at least he has some good company in heaven..

"I've got a bike you can borrow if you like it's got a basket, a bell and rings and things to make it look good, I'd give it to you if I could but I borrowed it. Tou're the kind of girl thst fitd in with my world, I'll give you anything everything if you want thing." :) (hope I got that right, it was off the top of my head)

Good tribute, Shill. It seems we are losing our best one by one with few to replace them. Or maybe thats my age talking....it just seems that either nostalgia or habit makes me cling to the old versus the new in many ways.

"for the brevity of his musical output, Syd still was able to cast a long shadow of influence on many generations of musicians and artists" ... very very well stated lew.

i think, ultimately, that this is what distinguishers the real creative artists from those who were simply players or wannabe's ... and it seems that it's the ones who really see things differently and and are able to express that vision, musically or otherwise, whose lives end up being most tragic ...

having a "gift" is not always "a gift" ... it's often a curse.

Yeah...tell that to Jim Morrison or Mozart...

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R.I.P., Syd... Up and over The Wall my friend...to perfection.


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