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Monday, July 17, 2006
Time : 3:19 PM

Hello everyone. I just wanted to post here and tell you that I am recovering from my operation slower than I expected I would. Apparently my body does not like all the hardware installed in my spine and is continually producing inflammation in the area. It is causing me a great deal of pain. I'm often reminded of the line in the movie Hellraiser when the pinhead guy says, “ Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!” Suffice it to say that writing about shit is way down at the bottom of my list. But I will as I can be posting about what matters and I hope that you all bear with me and continue your visits which are really appreciated. I read all you say and while I can't always reply, it gives me things to think about.

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Comments for Update
Getting well is the most important task you have right now. I'm so sorry to hear that it isn't going as well as we all want it to. Please take care of yourself and don't make me have to come over there.

I'll be thinking about you and sending tons of good healthy energy your way.

Think about all of us thinking good, healing thoughts in your direction.

Sending you much light and energy, and healing thoughts....Blogatopia will be here..take your time and get well...

Just reading of your back agony has produced sympathy back agony in me. Or maybe it's my poor posture. Get better!

Hope you're feeling much better soon, brother. Take it easy.

You poor wee thing! That said...you will be missed...but more importantly you must get better and may your pain get thee hence.

Weare all rooting for you, my friend.
Take all the time you need. We understand and will keep coming back.
Just get better!

Take care of yourself. Back pain is no joke. I hope you are not going to need further surgery.

Sending energy - like the others...

My muse and I are sending you words of a hopeful recovery... Peace. You are thought of often in the virtual world, as it were.

take your pills and go to bed...:P

get well soon!!

Here I had almost worked up enough balls to have them fix my back. Now I think I will wait even longer till I just can't stand it any more. Hope you get to feeling better in time for the volleyball season.

i'm sorry you are going through so much mr shilliday.

water therapy?

I'm sorry. I wish I could offer you up more than just that. Pain is something I understand almost intimately. I hope your doctors are not being stingy with the meds. And you need to take them. Letting the pain build up before dealing with it renders the medication less effective.

I expected to heal up in six weeks after my first surgery (reconstructive). Imagine my surprise when I was still in great pain and unable to walk unaided 3 months later. Nothing ever goes as planned. The good part is you will get better. And when you do your back will finally respond the way you want it to.

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