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JonBenet Ramsey
Friday, August 18, 2006
Time : 6:33 AM

John Karr says he killed JonBenet Ramsey. I always thought the parents had something to do with her death. My Take is that this Karr fellow did not kill her, but feels guilty about being a child molester and wants to go to jail, and if he does he might as well get the press coverage that will come with being the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. I mean come on, this guy moved to Thailand, the world capitol of child sex abuse. he also lived in Honduras, a country where poverty is so rampant that child sex slavery is common. So there you have my take.

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Yes, this is very fishy. I don't remember all the details about the case, but the family was targeted for the killing early on. This guy has to show some seroius evidence and or knowledge about the case for me to believe him.

whelp- all I know is that the media is pounding it- over and over....don't know if he is quilty- but the MSM has already hung him...the DNA, handwriting, and underwear will tell the tale...( I wish the MSM would be this quick to judge Bush eh?)

I read somewhere there isn't any dna..but why does his story of an accidental killing not mesh with the police version that she was beaten and strangled?

He just didn't want to spend his life in a Thai prison is my take on this.

I think this will be interesting to see what happens.
It's hard to determine anything based on the scant evidence they have released.
The media is totally unreliable because they just want to pump up a story, any story, deosn't matter. He did it, he didn't do it. Doesn't matter. They just want people to tune in.

they say now he knows info that wasnt released to the public.. Well, after ten years anything can come out. And the media, whores... fear, titilation and suffering is what they peddle.

Well if they had evidence to suggest somebody other than the parents they should have said that at some point because I think that mother died with many people still thinking she was involved... recall the handwriting all the media games to implicate the mother?

I think that if the parents were innocent and in fact lost their girl this way, perhaps the least they could have done was take some suspicion off them if they had all this other evidence?

None of it will bring her back.

Pedophile fuckheads should be locked up in one big pen and never let out until they are headed for the morgue.

This is the mother of all "precious white girl wasted" stories. Didn't this one launch Fox?

I agree with Dusty, if given the choice between liofe in a Thai jail or standing trial in the US for a crime you didn't commit, which would you take? Once he's deported, you think they'll want him back in Thailand?
Then, once he's acquitted (his ex-wife says he was with her when it happened. Since she doesn't care for him, do you think she'd lie to protect him?), he's free to go back to wherever he was from and marry more fourteen year old girls.

I don't think the parents were involved. If you remember - this killing happened on the heels of the Susan Smith and Richard Jewel situations. We all knew that Smith had actually killed her children and lied - and people still thought Jewel was guilty of the Olympic Park bombings. Rudolph wasn't named as the primary suspect yet. So everyone was primed to believe whoever the media said did it. It didn’t help that the Ramsey’s involved JonBenet in that child pageant stuff. Dressing that little girl up like she was 30 and parading her in front of strangers – it looked wrong – and people judged because of that as well. Not to mention Fox pounding on the parents - constantly accusing them. They even accused their 9 year old son. Of course - it didn't have anything to do with the fact that Ramsey was a big donor to the Democratic Party in both Georgia and Colorado - did it?

As for this creep - he's making it up out of whole cloth. I agree that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in a Thai jail. So he cops to a crime high profile enough to insure extradition. He figures - what the hell - so I do time in California for child porn? I'll be out in 10 years - and can go right back to molesting kids. Man - I hope they can nail him on more than just that. This asshole needs to have his birthday taken away.

Fat Lady, are you advocating a jail house shiv party? I'm not accustomed to hearing such violent ideas from you. lol
I think he was indeed running from the reality of spending his life in a Tia prison.

My pseudo-professional opinion is this guy's a class-A pedophile, but not the killer of JonBenet. There's no shortage of reasons for why people confess to crimes they didn't commit (other than torture, of course,) which is why a confession must be an informed one to have any evidentiary value. If one can believe the MSM, he's already made a few claims of dubious distinction.

I'm still sticking with my original ill-informed opinion; the parents didn't do it, but they know who did.

I don't this guy did it either. He's a just a creep and a nutcase.

I didn't follow the case that much but I agree with Rex. I always thought the parents knew more than they were saying.

i think it's a tragedy a little girl was so horrifically killed ten years ago. TEN YEARS AGO.

i think we wouldn't give a flying f**k but that she was blonde, blue eyed and white.

i don't think i or anyone else should have to see this pedophile (i'm not sure he killed jonbenet but i'm sure he's a sick monster) on tv every ten minutes.

yes, it's a cold case. a mystery but please.........

I don't think JonBenet's family killed her. I think his story so far doesn't add up with what his wife says...soon to be ex-wife. I think he wanted out of Thailand...what if this is a cover to get him out...and he's exonerated, and it turns out this has been a very elaborate plan of smoking mirrors and he is really a SPY they needed to get out of the orient! BushCo. does work in mysterious ways you know. Ha ha!

smoking mirrors? ;)

Dunno. Shill. But I think I am with FLS and you, and..dare I say...Rex?

creepy is too good a word for this guy.

I think it's time to take the cameras off this story and put them back where they belong. When there's a court verdict, I'll listen. Till then this is not on my radar.

Everyone of us knows what the whack had to eat on the plane coming over here. Does anyone know how many soldiers died that same day?

Amen, POP!!!

I think this says it all.

I'm not advocating he be killed - but I want his life taken away. I would like life in prison to mean exactly that - life. As in ‘entirety of’. There are some crimes that decry any type of parole. Child rape is one of those. No three times bullshit – one incident and bam! Throw the fuckin' key away. Life in prison could be a death sentence - if the person in prison really and truly lost his entire life. That means no painting materials for the likes of John Wayne Gacy, no correspondence allowed for Charles Manson. One, small 8 X 10 room, please - and not a god-damn thing else. That's much wore punishment than death - lemme tell ya. Limiting a person’s access to the world? Oh yeah - that's what I mean by taking his birthday away. Making the bastard wish he'd never been born.

He looks like Morrissey.

Sure ... the 'real killer' is still out there somewhere ... why don't we put O.J. on that case, too?

This is really important stuff. After all it happened to a little rich white girl. Wait their are thousands of innocent non-white children dead around the world! Oh well, that's okay, just as long as all the pigs are hard at work on this case.

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