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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Time : 11:39 PM

the album leaf

Do you have five minutes? If you do you should watch this. Not when people are all around, but when things are quiet. You are an emotional creature. I guarantee it.

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That was cool how they collasped the show at the end. Thanks.

You know what? During the first parts of watching I started saying to myself, I wish someone would make a film of one of these giant ones going off and run it backward so all the sparks went back to the one spark. Guess someone else shared my wish.

That was great and the music was peaceful. Too peaceful since now I'm sleepy as hell and it's nine thirty in the morning.

it just sucked itself inward...I love watching fireworks.

It makes feel very sad. It makes me think of all of the HUGE Fourth of July fireworks celebrations I attended as a kid.... when I was still so proud of America.

You know what, I agree with Tina. I remember as a kid when we looked forward to holidays, things like fireworks. Small, innocent beautiful things. I realize now that the times when I am excited, thrilled..grow farther apart. I feel like I want to stop that from happening but have lost the ability to know how.

Its like it just happens, like grey hair or wrinkles. You cannot tell when excatly you became "older" and you cannot trace life back to a time when the magic vanished. But you just know something is gone, something you vaguely remember.

That what I thought of, anyway. A time when my daddy was my world, picking me up to watch fireworks. Wanting them to keep going, desperate for them not to stop. It alwaus felt too short. Childhood felt too short too.

Babbling again to you.

I had a very strong emotional reaction to this video. I just started thinking about things. One of which was my mother who died of cancer several years ago. Fireworks being so vibrant and brief as are our lives. OMG I'm friggin going all Oprah and shit.

Thank you.

thanks for the end of a great day!!

it was sad also, to remember firsworks and how proud i used to be


i gotta think that the next generation will do better!! i know i am guiding mine to be!!

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