Left of Center: By Yukkione: 14 points of Fascism
Saturday, August 26, 2006
Time : 12:02 PM

Aqaint yourself with them here.

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Comments for 14 points of Fascism
So...where can I get my GOP armband? I'm looking for something to make me stand out at the next Sean Hannity book-signing.

Very interesting! Thanks for that link...I'm going to spread the word. Hope you are feeling okay these days!

Hopefully, Americans will see where we're headed before it's too late.

So Rex you missed the Buchanan book tour I take it?

Thanks Shill but Id rather not acquaint myself..

As they say, the writing is on the wall. Will anyone notice? Seems they haven't yet.

Who's writing on the wall?!! damned vandals!

Me. Wanna make something of it?


i like the word Oligarchy better...

check it out in wikipedia...

love the picture!!

great post ...hope you are feeling better...

Sometimes us hippies do a little writin' on the wall. Not me personally of course, but some others.

Very interesting. On this topic 10 points to anyone who can identify whose website this sieg heil to preznut gasman is from "Our military must also rise to new challenges and we must continue to stay united and stand behind them. They give their all to promote and protect democracy at home and abroad"
Hint: The front page of their website also contains fascist symbols: a yellow ribbon and the American flag. (check out my blog if you are still not sure)

And here a second hint: The fascists may be more wide spread than many of you realize.

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