Left of Center: By Yukkione: Net Nuetrality
Net Nuetrality
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Time : 4:45 PM

This column in the Daily KOS is a must read for info and action on Net neutrality .

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Comments for Net Nuetrality
Thanks for the link, but since the "SUV liberal" takeover of dailykos from the true progressives I have stopped reading it.

Man I totaly agre, but this is from someoen i still read.

Citisucks you rock, man!

TRUE. I dont have my head quite far enough up my own ass to be attentive there.

"neutrality" Shill. Although I know you dont give a flying f...

: )

"Net neutrality;" a nice-sounding phrase for for an idea that will guarantee that America keeps sinking in the ratings among countries with top access to bandwidth. I just 'blogged something about this at my place.

So true Pod. hell a greater percentage of people in S Korea enjoy broadband.

DKos is great. The resources are unlimited.

The power of people is truly beautiful.

DKos is still really good. I learn something new everyday. The only things I learn from little green footballs and the other side is how to be a bigot.


Left of Center,

Well I guess there are still a few true progressive free thinkers left there that haven't been banned by the good old boy's in charge.

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