Left of Center: By Yukkione: A great band called WolfMother
A great band called WolfMother
Thursday, May 25, 2006
Time : 7:32 PM

I found another cool band. They are called WolfMother... yea I know sounds totaly hair band. But wait till you hear them. I have a link to their video for Woman here. They sound like the big sound trios of yesterday. Check out the video, I hope you like them. They will be opening for Pearl Jam in Europe. You can also listen to some other their music here.

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Ummm... I'm not quite under the impression that they won't quickly be found on a "Hits of the 80's rock bands! I heard a lot of 80's rock influence in their music (at least the "woman" song... Def Lepard/Van Halen... A bit of a gag reflex...but the jury is still out on WolfMother...

Honesty is always your most valuable attribute PM. :)

They remind me a litle of Cream with added juice, more speed, but there is a west coast hallucinogen-based slide to their music that predates the 80s. Like "born under a bad sign" on speed. Funny, I read something about them just this week, think it was on the BBC news.


Well...I do have my moments of dishonesty. Like the time I got caught with my- Oh! Wait. this is a public forum and not my blog... so, I best just say, "Thank you" and leave it at that, LOC... :>)

I have satellite, which means we have Fuse TV-- the MTV of Canada-- thank God. I can actually see bands besides sappy suck boy bands and grill flashing rap, b/c MTV blows and loves to only play that, so I was already familiar with WolfMother. I think they're pretty alright, but truthfully, in the last 2 yrs I have become so disenchanted with almost all new music. And as far as I'm concerned, Nick Lachey should get remarried asap so he will please STFU and stop his whining and for the love of all things holy, may Britney Spears' trailer park self remain pregnant for the next 40 yrs so she never sings again.

Amen Tina! lol
Great description Glenda.\
I think I just like current bands that have some real organic energy. I dont get the over produced commercial vibe from them.

Yes, organic energy is good but technology is available so why not use it? I do love some of the hair band ballads. Damn Yankees doing "High Enough" really chokes me up. "Can you take me high enough-Can you fly me over yesterday?" Those lyrics speak to me and my sense of transcending love.

Also the Scorpions whistling on "Winds of Change" will forever remind me of the history we witnessed when communism was defeated.

Oh I notice you said Amen to Tina. So great to see a man give props to JC!

I see you've found yet another alter ego... this one has possiblities. Did you actually listen to the tune? eh? did ya? Why I oughta'!...Any way I say ahmen like you Oi! after your ol man gives you the 3 minute workout. just signals the end of a thought proccess.

If you mean willing to alter my ego to accommodate the women in my life, well sure. Call kitty and I'll answer "meow".

I also think that Damned Yankees had a certain over-produced quality they were not able to capture with songs like "My Hallucination" as Shaw/Blades. I am not so sure that these boys should be disrespecting their mother by calling her a wolf.Women must be treated as creatures of swanlike grace and wisdom.

The boy in the middle does look a tad wolfish. Perhaps.

I enjoy listening to the CD "Monster Ballads" which features some true legends of glam-Poison, Stryper, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Nelson, and of course Def Leppard with that poor one armed drummer.

I sure know how that feels.

Who would say "Oi" after a three minute workout? Who would even tolerate a three minute workout?

It takes longer than that just to negotiate the price.

I'm constantly amazed that the Left hasn't embraced Queensryche. Granted, it's my nephew's band, but I don't think I'm overly prejudiced in saying they're one of the most original, thoughtful, talented bands of our age.

Mother.. I love QR. My friend here in Fla is a huge fan.. Thematic rock is very cool.

Well I love QR from the "Mindcrime" days, not as much Silent Lucidity etc.

Jeff Tate has a powerful voice.

If you like Wolfmother, check out Priestess!

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