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yea Florida! Education Capitol of The World
Friday, May 05, 2006
Time : 11:10 AM

In an effort to further screw up the education system in Florida, legislators are pushing for a bill that will require High School student to declare a major, much like college students do. They cite the need for student to more seriously consider their future as one of the main reasons for the move. How many kids will pick majors that require college educations they can't afford? Studies indicate that a four year college is becoming the training ground for children of the well off. Will the state make college cheaper to accommodate these mandated dreams? I'm sure some high school kids know what they want to do, but as most adults realize, it is rarely what we end up doing. Especially in these days of job outsourcing, corporate downsizing, and an ever changing job environment. How about if we just concentrate on making kids proficient in reading, math, science, and life skills. Skills like balancing a check book, and understanding the principles of compound interest and minimum payments. Colleges are complaining that they are getting students that don't understand fundamental mathematic and scientific principles. To give give them incoming freshmen that have a career goal yet no better education than they had is ridiculous.

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College is out of control expensive, but thats also because 'easier than crackwhore' loans have made it possible for people to be poor but still indifferent about the costs. Just as you now have poor people driving hot cars- finance skews affordability. You can pay for seven years now on a car! never mind that it will be crashed in two, just add the balance to a new loan and so it goes. Costs are relative to your ability to pay them. Make the payments manageable, and people will do what they cannot afford.
Student loans are subsidized and cheap, and this big barrier to affordability has more to do with whether or not you choose college and a career and LOANS or no loans, no college. And as long as these loans are there- what incentive is there to reduce costs?

We live in a society where if YOU DID put money in an account for kids you would actually lose money. It is better to invest that money and later take th loans anyway and just pay them for your kids. The math works out that way. Human nature is however another story.

elizabeth, and the same goes for home ownership. People have bought overpriced homes down here on all sorts of freaky loans. Sadly it's about to come back and bite them in the ass. The interest rates are rising and these clown mortgages they got are going to become higher leaving the home owners with a higher mortgage than the house is worth.

The florida school system is so screwed up already and this nifty new idea doesn't help it un-screw.

I think this is a great idea. I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was 13: a professional baseball playing space cowboy klansman.

Can I major in that?

yes, Patricia. I chose not to go off on that again!!! People complain though about ARMS, predatory lending, their three loans but we also need to ask why people must always get more, bigger, pricier, etc.

Just because you can does not mean you should. They make their money off short term gratification.

Thank you for visiting Mr McWhite.. I wanted to be a Truck driving astronaut living in Hawaii.. oh well I ended up a Minivan driving ex stoner living in Florida, close enough I guess.. If only I could have set my career path in high school! As to the topic as Mrs Branford has interpreted it... I totally agree.. the availability of easy loans though all kinds or shaky venues is scary and will be biting this country in the ass right about...oh the bankruptcies are all ready under way.. not to mention that when these young career people get into college, they will be deluged with easy to get credit cards.

So stupid. Don't know of many people who can even pick their major until their juniors in college anyway.

Same problems here with real estate market, BTW.

I wanted to be the lead singer of a girl band that played Ramones covers. Now that I'm 33, I realize that wasn't the best career choice.

Considering that I changed my major four times in college because I just couldn't make up my mind (and my kids did something of the sort themselves), I find it highly unlikely that very many high school students are ready to commit, at 15 years old or so, what their life's work will be. Most people need even more real-life experience than they have in college to really be able to do so.

Sometimes my home state just amazes me with its nuttery.

I agree Motherlode, as a fellow Floridian.

I always knew that one day I'd be writing descriptions of Santa Claus in a hunting suit (see here for pic). But I'm pretty sure I had no clue as to what major I could choose to get me on the road to that destiny.

Are you suggesting Shill that I rant about what I want to rant about?

I see the affordability of colleges for the middle class to be VERY tied into new and creative financing methods. I see the debt issue as relevant to college savings. I see LIFE SKILLS as you mentioned as relevant to this issue. Where do people begin to learn about money? perhaps they might try BEFORE the debt racks up. Perhaps BEFORE the car payments and triple mortgages. perhaps teach the kids that mom and dad don't need to spend 80,000 on your stupid "big day" wedding shit and should help you go get a house the right way with a normal mortgage.

Get used to it. The world is arranged for the rich - schools, homes, cars, medical care - you name it. Indeed Florida schools are so bad they are scary. People just don't comprehend how bad they really are.

Agen, your description is so delectable, I just had to order some for all my friends.
"After the hollidays are over, Santa likes to relax and unwind by hunting the least productive elf from his workshops.. no catch and release here, Santa's into bloodsport."

Certainly explains the attraction of home schooling.

I bet the bus driver wishes he'd had a better major.

Okay Shilly....I showed this to my son, and we do homeschool, and he is 15- he is studying for his GED- and also doing online free MIT classes, as well as he does Fan Fiction Rewrites ( yeah he is one of the Geeks that rewrites LOST and 24 EVERY week). We spent the last two weeks watching Spiderman 3 Film here in Cleveland ( because he wants to be a screenwriter). I am sure that most people would squirm at how I am "educating " him.

And so I showed him this- and he quipped- " Oh, yeah like the No Child Left behind Assholes give a shit that I want be a Writer- that would not fit in with their Orwellian Purge System. Why don't they just try for a small goal- like teaching the King How to Read something other than My Pet Goat. Cause we know if he could have read faster he would not have sat there on his ass for 7 minutes on 9-11. Maybe you know make "Literacy" a mandatory Major-even for the'elected' misleaders.oh, and can we add Ethics and maybe Math- so they can count the Votes right next time??? Oh , sorry- What were we ranting about ???"

He had me laughing so hard..that both of us forgot this was about "Majors"...

Then he said..." Oh, I know can I major in the Philosophy and Wisdom of Stephen Colbert and John Stewart ?"

I had to say yes.....and give him an A+.....

I'm for balanced education but I fail to see how anyone can become a writer without mastering basics like spelling, syntax, grammar. The doors do not open from good intentions. A carpenter needs to learn tools, a writer needs to learn to write.
And learning to adapt to different environments even when we do not "fit in" is part of peaceful co existence, another important skill.

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