Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 8
Sopranos Episode 8
Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time : 9:10 PM

Spoilers in Comments.

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Comments for Sopranos Episode 8
I'm sensing a pattern here, LOC.

"what the fuck is happening to this neighborhood".

I liked this episode. Tony passed up a lay because of his new found commitment to his wife. AJ might be having a heart attack. Vito gets his ass beat, and then finds love. Funny scene when Christopher tells Tony he needs Viagra cause he cant get it up in the morning, like Silvio. (Silvio flips him off) Mrs, Branford.. a pattern? like my Sunday Sopranos post? :)

Yes, thats the pattern I refer to.

I still have never seen the show. But I will refrain from repeating THAT every week.

I wonder what is happening to my own neighborhood. One house had a twig out of place in the yard. Have they no pride?

The poor gangsters are losing out to the corporations, and they're gay besides. Sheez...what's the mafia coming to? (That gay fireman bit was so fucking stupid. They must have laughed when they filmed that shit.)

Don't get HBO but I rented the DVDs and that is one of the best shows on the tube.

Ah well, if Rich says so. And Rich knows.

Neil, your right.. everyone knows there are no gay fireman.

I agree the firemen part of the story was off. It still amazes me that anyone would be attracted to Vito. I may be shallow.

no you're NOT shallow sumo. NO ONE is attracted to vito and not because he's tubby (i can use that word, believe me) but because he's an ASS.

i HOPE aj drops (i never would wish such a thing in real life but this IS NOT real life) but i am afraid he won't. he just suffers from panic attacks like his pops.

and as far as the gay firemen go, one or two yes, but it seems like the WHOLE town is turning into provincetown. although there IS northampton too so i guess it's not out of the realm of possibilities

also, i do NOT believe for ONE moment tony would pass up boinking julianna. i don't care how much he now appreciates carm.

Check this:


Try again:


Confound it:


Sorry for the clutter

Sorry your links didnt work Murat. hate when that happens. lol

As for Vito, is that waddle part of the act or does he really?

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