Left of Center: By Yukkione: A Day Without Immigrants
A Day Without Immigrants
Monday, May 01, 2006
Time : 7:04 AM

What? Unless we're a Native American, we're all Immigrants. To walk out of your job or school to protest just hurts your employer, your town, your country. It pisses off people who might have supported this cause, but now are put out because of these action. What are these people protesting? Are they all on the same page? Most want all illegals to be given American citizenship. Ahead of legal applicants. Taking jobs from low skilled Americans, many of them recent legal immigrants themselves. It's strange to me to see so many liberals support the corporate wishes to have low paid workers to exploit. Not only support it, but call people who oppose amnesty racists. Yes, I have been called a racist because I support legal immigration, higher wages, and the English language. People have emotionally argued with me saying that their family is a family of immigrants, and we should support the rights of those here illegally. What? That doesn't make sense to me. All our families are comprised of immigrants. So why should these be treated any differently? Oh, because if you don't, you hate Mexicans, or Latins in general. What a misinformed charge. Listen, I think we need many more immigrants than we are currently accepting for the green card program. The program needs to be expanded. The departments that oversee immigration needs to be expanded and fully funded. Legal immigration is good. Some of you that support amnesty of illegals live in areas that aren't impacted by illegal immigration. You don't see stories on the news everyday of crimes committed by members of MS13. (the Latin gang) You don't see the stories of people being in accidents involving unlicensed and uninsured illegal immigrants. Some people say that these low skilled workers pay for themselves. I think that's incorrect. I think that a low wage job does not benefit society in comparison to the amount of resources society spends on them. Things like free health care, schools, roads, and having all government documents printed in languages other than English all cost more money than these folk are contributing. In legal immigration we accept people who's skills are needed by the country. By not controlling our borders or employers we open up more problem situations than we solve. I'm for people, people here legally first and foremost.

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¡La izquierda del centro se debe escribir en español!

Mrs. Branford, If I move to Cuba I will write in Spanish. If I move to China I will write Chinese. If I move to Italy I will write italian. Once when I was working in Miami, a lady camer up to me speaking Spanish. I might look alittle latin, but i do not speak much Spanish. I told her I spoke no spanish. Then in English she told me I should. I told her when I moved to Puerto Rico I would learn Spanish.

You're moving to Puerto Rico? Does the wife know this?

I hear that Puerto Rico is in desperate need of smartass female bloggers, and is paying huge bonuses for those willing to relocate. The title of National Smacktard could be yours.

Now LOC, You know its not the size of the bonus that matters.

You dont speak for me
How it affects African Americans
Hispanic coalition (you dont speak for me)

Ok so a big bonus isnt tempting for you. I have one word for you: Bananas!

"national smacktard"? That's funny!

I lived in an area heavily populated (more than 80%) with MExicans. Most of those folks are not the problem - they seak English, don't cause trouble, and are generally happy to be here - and don't create much stir that would entice Anglo-Americans to consider throwing them back to the wolves - unless you count the huge gathering for a vigil for SELENA in the mall parking lot threatening, I wouldn't say they are much trouble. The problem, as I saw it, was when I lived in Miami, and noticed that people emigrated there with no expectation of ever leaving their little ethnic corner of Miami - how narrow-minded could you be? Imagine going on vacation to Europe, and you never leave Paris (which I wouldn't recommend on a dare) - can you really say you've gone to Europe? How can you say you have experienced Eurpoean culture if you've only witnessed ONE FREEKIN' TOWN? In these little sub-clusters in Miami, people are not encouraged to learn a little about their new home, because it's just as they left it in Cuba, DR, PR, Nicaragua, Haiti, etc. They don't speak English because they don't have to - all the businesses in their little part of town are all run by them - ever been to a Texaco where no one spoke English? Welcome to Miami. They don't have drivers' licenses, so they can't be insured. They can't read the road signs. Yet they drive. Imagine being in the middle of an eight-lane highway and someone cuts you off swerving to the far right because you hear MIRAMIRAMIRA AQUI as they try to make their exit. Anyhoo...I heard the nat. anthem the other day in Spanish. I'm 'bout done with this, if it's come to that.

Well LOC has made the case that its a matter of LEGAL versus ILLEGAL and I do see his point there. He has this delusion that because I think businesses should be punished versus a big ridiculous wall we cannot afford, that this means I say anyone and everyone can come and do as they please. Thats not my position at all.

I am just of the mindset that the people who work here should be documented and taxed and those that refuse are breakig the law. I am of the mindset that those that EMPLOY illegal immigrants should get more than a small petty fine. If it became very expensive and very inconvenient to hire them, it would decrease the flow dramatically. The example I gave him was about underage drinking and how once bars lost their liquor license and the fines got really high- the problem really decreased without building a wall or dealing with the drinkers themselves. The trouble is that our system is very lax and we look the other way.

Who are all these people hiring the people in Miami? My point with LOC is just to ask why he does not seem to focus on them but rather- just on the immigrants.

When someone tells me they demand something, I don't care who they are or what they demand, the word demand is all I hear.
I'm with you LOC on this one.

I am of the mindset that those that EMPLOY illegal immigrants should get more than a small petty fine. If it became very expensive and very inconvenient to hire them, it would decrease the flow dramatically."
I totaly agree

I dont focus on the people, but the problem. The employers need to be fined yes. But we also have to control our border. It's one of the basic functions of any government.. controling it's borders.

Good thing I'm off today to protest.

To agree with LOc you have to agree that we should build a giant wall around the entire border of the south and along Canada. Even if you agree that this is a great thing, with a deficit in the TRILLIONS, who should pay for that? I suppose they could use the war money.

POint is, the people that want the wall have no answer to the money question. They change the subject and start talking about antional anthems which are really the least of our problems.

But, like gay marriage and abortion, it will bring the republicans out come election day.

PS Why is Miami different that Chinatown, little italy, Crown Heights... you do realiz ethat ethnic enclaves are all over the US? Not only have I been out of Paris, but I've been around the US.
  • Posted at 11:30 AM | By Anonymous National Smacktard

Dear National Smacktard: I dont see Chinese people insisting on us paying for their educations in Chinese. Or calling for the American Southwest to be given back to China. Same with Italians in little Italy. You see people visit these areas as tourist spots to enjoy these ethnic cultures.As far as I know people arent going to miami to delve into the culture of little Havanna. The Cubans there don't want you, it's as if your invading their Cuba. Yes I think we should do SOME fencing on our borders. By doing this we can force people to cross elsewhere, and make it easier to enforce the border. People dont need illegals crossing the borders near their homes and using their sheds as crappers.

As I have not been to New York or San Francisco, I cannot comment on what I didn't witness there, only on the places to which I have been. In any case, I think it's short-sighted to limit oneself to that four-block area.

I agree that the businesses should pay heavy fines - the wall idea, while entertaining to think about, is not practical. I totally agree with Liz on this, for what it's worth.

Now I respectfully ask that my DH check on the children (I didn't say "demand" here!:)

I guess I had a different experience in Miami. Then again, I could stay out all night dancing to Salsa and I also can get along with just about anybody. I'm a pretty open chick.

The Mexicans demanding texas and all of that is hyped up nonsense. Every immigrant group has had their mythology. Nice to know the right wingers are getting their money's worth from their propaganda though.

Have fun with the kids. Didn't mean to get you tangled up in arguing. Its not often that you put in your two sents though Amy, and its nice when you do.

"cents" geez I hope you type better than I do!! (I think my cat types better than I do)
  • Posted at 11:54 AM | By Anonymous national smacktard TYPO

we could raise the money for a 21-ft wall by holding a bake sale...we could sell sopaipillas, bunuelitos, and fresas...

...or was that too smart-alecky?

Thanks for the hello, Liz!

I like your brand of sass, Amy. Now you're talking!

We've heard some cool things about you. So I'm not surprised that you're a sarcastic smacktard as well. LOL.

The best thing about this is it is getting people talking about it! Walls do not work. Dialogue, which the protests have created, does!

Is it ironic how they took a day off work to say how they want to be citizens to get jobs? Here's a clue, Pedro, stop protesting and get back to mowing my lawn! We kicked your ass and took your land and now you think you can get it back by refusing to skim my pool for a day! Try and take it back and you'll find the US Army does not take siestas, mi amigo!

I think it will always be a problem as long as Mexico remains the country that it is. If they could get rid of their corruption and decide that their people deserve better...I'm dreaming. If they took their wealth and used it for the people they could create many jobs. They could build hospitals, schools, many things of this nature. And then people could get jobs in those places. Then they'd have money for decent homes that people would be paid to build...and it could just spiral into more. But...the corrupt officials from top to bottom keep the cycle going because it's easier to do it this way. You would think a country as big as Mexico is...and with the resources it has...would take pride to do better by its self and its people. Money speaks louder to the corrupt and they will never care about the little man. They are happy the little man goes over the border and then sends money home to the family...and then it gets spent there.

Interesting perspective, LOC.

My view is more centrist. Legalize the individuals already here and put them on the path to citizenship -- but on one condition. Put a ton of security on the border, even if we have to build a wall in many places, to keep foreign nationals from walking into the country illegally. If we give legalization without border security, we'd just be encouraging more foreign nationals to break our laws. Deporting 12 million people just isn't going to happen.

I'm not worried about assimilating Mexicans; there's a few in my family already. In contrast, whether the 1000000-2000000 strong Muslim community can assimilate is a big concern for me, given it hasn't happened in Europe. I'd change our immigration laws so we *can* discrimate, so we take in more Chinese and Indians, who assimilate quite well, and less women wearing ninja outfits. (I wonder if any feminists will come rushing to the defense of medievalism here.)

Jason you're right about border security. Without that, no other remidies for other related problems can be implemented and or measured for effectiveness. Like an experiment, the environment and variables need to be controled. Your right also that it is unfeasable to remove millions of illegals already here. But many may chose to go home if employers do not hire them. it's a complex issue for sure.

You'd have a hard time telling you guys are a bunch of libruls.

1. Agree with LOC that without securing our borders anything else is pretty much a waste of time.

2. They are called illegals because they are here illegally. There are ways to make their presence here legal. If they are here now working they have a leg up on the guys who never made it across the border. At least they know some people here.

3. We need something between 8-20 million workers to do work like pick lettuce around Yuma when most of us would not get our lard asses out of our airconditioned homes/offices. When those people who now do that work apply for the jobs they now hold I'm sure Dole, DelMonte and others will want people they know who will work. They'll get a job and they can do it legally.

4. As to speaking languages, I went to England and they spoke English, I went to Denmark and they spoke English, I went to Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland and they all spoke English. And their English got remarkably better if they were trying to sell me something.

5. All of the other hyperbole the politicians are spreading about concerning singing the anthem in Spanish or English is posturing for elections. Lets talk about something real important like which end of a softboiled egg one should open.

6. English its official. Beat German by one vote. Consider yourself lucky.

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