Left of Center: By Yukkione: Rummy, I Want lasers Damn It!
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Time : 7:53 AM

Yea! We will blow up satellites with lasers! How cool! It's about time the Bushies spent some money on a project that really stirred the imagination. Read the story here.

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I like sharks with frickin wingnuts in their tummies.

taint as in "taint"? lol yea thats a good use for sharks.. Wingnut disposal.

The sharks would die from food poisoning

Did I stutter, Left of Center? Do you have a fundamental freakin problem with the word taint?

Good point Patricia. And I'm glad you're pissed off. When bush won again, were you "FUCKING pissed off patricia" for a week or two?

Taint is a hilarious word if you don't mean "as in contaminated". If that is how you meant it, how does that relate to Holmes? Has her taint been tainted? Are you some kind of self appointed taint inspector?

I'm surprised terrorists haven't developed light grenades -- light as in photons. That is, a weapon that shines a bright flash for an interval of time and permanently blinds its victims. I've worked in an optics lab, and it is definitely doable. Terrorists could create a lot of havoc at, let us say, airports with such weapons.

Ever been exposed to a flash grenade. Yikes. Those things are nasty. I've read abit about laser blinding tech. Is that the type of tech your refering to, or the chemical reaction type.

I was imagining a laser-based weapon. After a quick search I found this article.

I've read several similar pieces. With the availability of cheep high powered green lazers it's not far fetched.

Inspector Taint...I like that.

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