Left of Center: By Yukkione: Mission Accomplished? Three Year Aniversary
Mission Accomplished? Three Year Aniversary
Monday, May 01, 2006
Time : 1:39 PM

I was just over at Born at the Crest of Empire, and saw Mike posted on something I hadn't been aware of. Today is the third anniversary of the day when a man who deserted his guard unit during Vietnam, stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and declared “mission accomplished” to all the world. What a proud and historic moment that was. Only a little over 100 Americans had died, Chilabi was still our “go to” guy, and we still though Iraqi oil would pay for it all. What a bunch of idiots we were/are.

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Comments for Mission Accomplished? Three Year Aniversary
I always will remember what date he made his infamous Mission Accomplished statement and you can too.

911 is the number you call for help on land.
(also 9-11 is the date of the attacks)
May day is what you say at sea if you need help
(May Day is also the first of May and the day of Mission Accomplished)

Both of these dates have a reference to a call for help, one event occured on land the other on sea.

Hard to believe we are still there- mission accomplished. If the mission was to increase resentment and use the attacks for their own political agenda, then yeah. I guess so.

mission accomplished, at least 2,400 of OUR men and women DEAD

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"Mission accomplished! We've effectively kept Iraqi oil off the market and guaranteed the profits of our oil buddies."

Yes Rose, 2400+ of ours, and an estimated 100,000 Iraqis.

You know, I think the Bush administration has exactly what they want right now. Absolute instability in a very strategic area.

So in a way, we have won, even though we're getting our asses romped.

What the administration's mistake has been, of course, is that they "misunderestimated" Iraqis responses. While Americans would pray for a dictatorship if someone destroyed us, Iraqis obviously don't.

Any thoughts on what the next administration will do? Sorry to be such a bummer, but I only see that same BS painted nicely (a la Clinton). I pray that I'm wrong.

Well they made a strategic mistake in that Rummy did not anticipate the insurgency and they could have bought some time to prepare the troops accordingly for this type of mission which is a different kind of fight, not that i agree with sending them in the first place...but what the hell was the big rush? The rush with the inspections, etc.? See if they really had America's interests at heart they would have known to buy some time and prepare but they were racing time against the bourse.

Mission:Accomplished? More like Mission:Impossible2, with Mission:Impossible3 right around the corner.

Yeah, I didn't realize that either. Shouldn't he be forced to put on the ceremonial codpiece?

what an asshole

OH please NOT the ceremonial codpiece!

And how many more years of senseless war?

I love this anniversary. He and his codpiece will always be remembered, the stupid cocky putz. Hope you saw Colbert on the Bush/AP program this weekend. AWESOME. It's at online CSpan if not.

I'd like to see a different sort of mission getting accomplished. Involving some shrub clearing....

We can certainly say that Bush co (PNAC) accomplished their mission of destabilizing the Middle East to their empirical liking!

Thank heavens that we have MayDay anniversary to mark the day that the Misleader came on a Deck and glorified himself....how many dead- and yes , you are right >100,000 Iraqis and who knows how many others soldiers, reporters and peace activists and workers....He may indeed wear a codpiece but he still has blood on his hands....Shame Accomplished....

Let us put Nancy Pelosi in charge. She'll certainly stand up to Muslims of the totalitarian variety.

I feel like this country is changing from George Bush to George McFly. If America confronts nobody and says it is sorry over and over again for angering Allah, maybe Islamic supremacists will show modern Muslims and others mercy.

Yeah, right. What is wrong with people?

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