Left of Center: By Yukkione: Help this Kid go to College
Help this Kid go to College
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Time : 9:21 AM

Teddy Gambordella can get his college paid for.... if he becomes a Republican as his Dad insists. So instead of converting and becoming a spineless, pandering, greedy, corporate money infused Bush cultist, young Teddy has started a website to solicit donations for his cause. Please, if you can spare a few bucks, help this kid keep his soul intact, and remain a Democrat. Teddy, keep the love for your Dad, through prayer and counseling he may yet be saved. See Teddy's page here.

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Comments for Help this Kid go to College
Get the hell out of here! Are you freakin kidding me? Tell the pansy to take out a loan.

He sure sounds like a Republican! Holy shit!

I admit that is a different approach.

i was gonna say, get a loan dude

off subject but

for you!!!

Pathetic situation but there are a lot of kids who can't even afford a computer and they want to go to college too.

Yeah, why doesn't he do the loan deal?

I have now seen this brat on three blogs. Again I reiterate: he sure sounds republican!

ditto for me on the republican thing - he's gonna make a great marketer someday, if he doesn't get kicked out of school. His dad probably gave him the idea. These are the same type of folks who throw up phony charities for valid causes just to line their own pockets. Disgraceful. He can get a job and work for his education, like many of us did.

If you check who has actually bought space. you'll see one is his grandmother. Makes me think there is a shred of litgitimacy to this.

my grandmother would believe I was the Queen of Egypt if I told her...and so would yours. :)

He probably comes from a broken home, this is grandma on MOM's side, dad is the big bad wolf, and the child is playing one against the other.

Okay I have to say something- I agree with LOC- he indeed might be legit...and just trying to help his mom out..and I am sorry but I don't like the "Broken" dysfunctional connotation ( Amy) ...it might be as simple as he is just trying to be creative...and About loans- as a single mom I can tell you right now that there are no loans for people like me or my son- have you taken a look at what has happened to actual loans and grants available to Middle Income people ( earning more than 24,000/year- can you spell S-C-R-E-W-E-D ????? ) Pell grants ?? Ha!! Remember Bush wants everyone to be dummed down and yes he gives alot of speeches that our kids should go to Community College and shut up.....So okay someone prove me wrong- tell me a partime nurse homeschooling mom of limited means- WHO would ever give me a loan to help my son go to where he wants to go ???? ( not to make it personal but in less than 2 years I have to figure that out....and smart as I am I know that have every right to ask this question....) LOC- I am not trying to be cantankerous- but I am worried that alot of middle income people are struggling to educate their kids...

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