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New Background Image
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Time : 9:16 PM

It's 1024X768 but should stretch just fine.

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Comments for New Background Image
Looks pretty good in Firefox. Someone suggested I download it to better log in at The Blue Republic, and I don't believe I ever thanked them. Thank you!

But what is it?

your welcome Lew. I'm a computer geek and just assume everyone else is using firefox. hehe It is actually more html compliant than IE and is less suceptable to wierd stuff and viri. The picture I rendered in 3D using Bryce 3D just some rings with textures featuring naked women, inside a glass textured bubble. The I mess around with them in photoshop and tweak them for color and apply filters.


Like, anyone who's ANYONE is using firefox! Like, YAH!

How did you get my ass in that orb????

I have noticed that almost half my lurkers use firefox..48% to 52% for IE.

Thats a beautiful..whatever it is..naked woman? I gotta look again..I didn't notice that part.

I find it nearly even between IE and FF. Of course I strongly recommend people use FF.

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